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  1. SparkFireRun

    O&R running issues....

    Been focusing on the carb, but now I'm wondering if it's crank seals...New diaphragm, flap valve, little bit-o permatex... i did in fact officially give up. Gave it back. The old man noticed as the engine sputtered, that the exhaust was leaky. He said, "well, I'll put new gaskets on that". Well that got me to wondering, could that be a running problem ? I wouldn't have thought so, but....
  2. SparkFireRun

    O&R engine

    Wow, that's a real screamer ! Got any close ups of that puppy ? BTW, the tiny tiger lives ! Even makes juice ! Best,
  3. Messed up my handle....should be SparkFuelRun. Durr.

  4. SparkFireRun

    O & R Carb Repair Tutorial

    Hi guys, Thanks so much for this thread. An old gent asked me if I would get his tiny Tiger 300 running for him, and when I opened the carb, those little bits were rolling around in there. I'm lucky I didn't lose any of them. There's no way I could have figured this out on my own. Best,
  5. For fun and frustration, give I.C.E.'s a try !