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  1. Hi Paul,

    I've been told by Nigel on here that you maybe able to help me with some spares for a Martin Markham Colt deluxe gearbox. I have one that's chewed a couple of gears!! as they all seem to. Thanks in advance Dave


    1. pmackellow


      Hello Dave


      I did have a spare gearbox but that's been sold, I may have a spare second gear though, not yet but soon, amate is making me a set up...

      I'll let you know what happens



    2. s1landy


      Okay thanks


      Would your mate be interested in making a couple more gears? These 2 plus one more that's still in the box.



  2. Hi I hope you don't mind me asking but you obviously know a few things about the Martin Markham colt tractors. I have a deluxe one that's been in the shed for about 20 years as it has what seems to be very common gearbox problems there are two gears missing teeth and I was wondering if you knew anyone with some spares? Thanks in advance
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