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  1. The only thing ethanol is good for is subsidizing corn farmers, lol. There is a station down the road where I can get pure gas, I fill my motorcycle's tank with it before the winter. I just picked up a container of premix and used that, I have a bunch of 3W two cycle engines from scaneagle drones I want to try to get running as well. Little vid from a few minutes ago. Sorry, its shaky, try holding an engine in one hand and a camera in the other. -Jerry
  2. So my dad got this engine from a guy at work around 80-81. As far as I know it was never installed in anything, no marks on the mounting feet and no marks on the output shaft. Looks to be a date of 1969 on the ignition wire. Even back when my dad got it he had trouble with the diaphragm on the carb but never did anything with it. Always talked about putting it on a skateboard. lol. So fast forward to about 2 years ago and my parents decide to move out to the middle of nowhere, eastern oregon so my dad sells everything in the shop, but not before I grab this engine. Covered in dust and grime, paint flaking off, all the labels fell off it was kind of a mess. Last week I decided to finally do something about it, stripped it most of the way down and put the pieces in the ultrasonic cleaner which did a pretty great job of cleaning up all the parts and stripped off most of the paint from the starter housing. The tank was pretty clean but kind of plugged up so I put some gas in it and used a RC fuel transfer pump to circulate gas out of the outlet dumping back through the vent nipple. This seemed to do a pretty good job of cleaning it up. Found some paint that matched the original paint on it and painted and assembled today. Still need to get the new foam for the air filter but it should be ready to run. Wallfish sent me some diaphragms which I installed. This is the paint I used, basically an identical match, painted two coats and then baked the enamel at 180f for about an hour. Baking the enamel usually results in a tougher finish. I have one of the three labels on the way, hoping to eventually find the 1HP and kill switch label. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074GYS1ZG/ I ended up buying this hose pack from amazon to get the .08x.14 hose I needed to replace the fuel line. Still need to shove some string I the vent line. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074GYS1ZG/
  3. Re: Metric Bearings Almost all ball bearings are metric because ball bearings were invented in europe. Conversely almost all tapered roller bearings are imperial since they were invented in the US. You can order either as specials in other units but generally speaking thats the rule of thumb.
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