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  1. It runs perfect, and yes there is the original seat in good condition and no the rotovator hasn’t been restored
  2. Hi all I have a Martin markham cold delux for sale, it has the original v5 and number plates from 1968... it it has been recently restored with a bill for over £700 for parts and labour. It it also comes with a rotavator. im looking for £1200 or nearest offer located in Liskeard, Cornwall
  3. Hi guys I’m new to this site too, I’ve also recently required a delux version, with the high and low box, I’m looking to sell it after having a little bit of fun, I was given it for some work I done for somebody, it’s been restored and I also have the original v5 for it from 1968, I’ll upload some pictures, does anybody know what it’s worth? Many thanks Alex
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