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  1. Batty the Bat

    Kohler Spares

    Hi Anglo Traction. I haven't called Meetens yet but it sounds like they'll be able to help. My engine is a K141 and I need a gasket set and a rubber for the carb. When I get the steering apart I'll post a picture. Being a Markham I'm guessing new bushes are going to be hard to come by! Thanks for getting back to me.
  2. Batty the Bat

    Kohler Spares

    Many thanks Wristpin. Much appreciated.
  3. Batty the Bat

    Kohler Spares

    Many thanks Stormin
  4. Batty the Bat

    Kohler Spares

    Hi All. I have a Martin Markham Colt Deluxe that I'm restoring. It has a Kohler engine which needs new gaskets and seals. Does anyone know where I could get these please? I also need some steering bushes and would like to paint it in it's original colour. Can anyone help with these bit as well please? Many thanks. Batty the Bat
  5. Batty the Bat

    Martin Markham

    It was standing under a large pine tree with a smaller tree growing through it!! Well spotted Chris. The previous owner brought it from a garden centre near Bedford. Some kids had set fire to it so the original rear tyre were 'toast'! He then fitted studded Land Rover tyres which I think I'll keep.
  6. Batty the Bat

    Martin Markham

    Thank you HarryT. I would love to get a copy of the manual and parts list. Would it be possible for you to copy them? I'd be happy to reimburse you for any costs. In the meantime (Triumph66) here a couple of pictures of my tractor just after I found it under a large tree!
  7. Batty the Bat

    Batty the Bat

  8. Batty the Bat

    Martin Markham

    Thank you all for your help. I did attend the Biddenden TractorFest in Kent hoping to meet someone who had one but without luck. I'll post some pictures another time. I have had it running but couldn't find reverse! Anyone know where it is? High and low range worked ok. Is it possible to get an owners manual? The steering box is broken, are parts available anywhere or do I have to get them made? Thanks again for your quick response.
  9. Batty the Bat

    Martin Markham

    Hi all. I'm new to this site so I hope someone can help. I've recently acquired a Martin Markham Colt Deluxe. My intention is to restore it. I know very little about it and wondered how I find out about it's history? I'd also like to know what the original blue colour was and where I can get hold of an owners manual and spare parts please? It has a Kohler engine and despite standing outside for about 15 years I have managed to get it running! However, I also need so new parts for this as well. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  10. Hi pmackellow. I've been looking around this site and others and your name crops up often re Martin Markham and I wonder if you can help. I've just brought a MM colt with hydrolics and PTO, I have no paperwork with it and wondered how to get hold of a manual? I'd like to restore it and find out when it was made, do you know what the original colour was and how to find out it's age? I found it in a hedge with a large plant growing through it! so funnily enough it doesn't run. I has a Kohler engine but I'm not sure if it's 10 or 7hp. I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of questions which i can put on the forum but thought I'd start by contacting you. Hope you don't mind. I've attached the serial number which I guess will help. Is there a site with serial numbers listed? Hope you can help. Batty the Bat

    Serial Number.jpg