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  1. Nice collection ..what is the one with the propeller ? assume its for cooling!!
  2. Nice collection especially the rare early allen.....i have one of the common later 2 stokes in bits in the loft of my shed i keep meaning to put together!!
  3. This is the trusty Greyhound plough i am restoring along with my Douglas engine Trusty tractor....the plough has been well used!! i am hoping someone out there could give the original measurements/ thickness /photos of a good landslide as this one is almost completely worn away!!
  4. The last time i dealt with him i paid for a part with pay pal but couldn't get him to sent the part on despite numerous phone calls . Got my money back by opening a dispute with Pay pal. Howard dragon parts are very scare especially those push pull cables for clutch /gear change .... their like hens teeth.
  5. I got the plough off Chester Hudson about 10 years ago ..i Have only seen one once for sale and that was on ebay some years ago.
  6. Nice variety of machines ...your howard dragon caught my eye as i have two of them and the reversible plough and sickle bar attachments.
  7. Hi would anyone know where i could get a set of centrifugal clutch springs for a briggs engined 26" hayter roller drive. I damaged it a few months ago (hit a big stone in high grass) and it sent bits of the clutch flying ! anyway have done a repair but need 2 x clutch springs. They are a mighty machine to cut high grass.
  8. Thanks Mark that is the detail i need . Will measure it up at the weekend...got one of those power fix micrometers some years ago . The trusty was outside since the early 1980's so its in a bad way..but i have it nearly sorted now.!
  9. I am restoring a 1947 single speed trusty tractor that was outside for a very long time and need to source new gearbox chains (3). have tried motorcycle shops but nobody seems to have a match. Anyone got any suggestions?
  10. I have a 2 wheel trusty tractor that i am restoring . The hubs were shot but i have sourced a set of adjustable hubs . I am told wheels for tyres can be made up from land rover defender rims .....anyone ever done this?
  11. I need the 15 tooth sprocket that fits on the magneto of a howard gem . can arrange courier/pay with pay pal
  12. Managed to reverse the lucas sr1 magneto ,. Got a pdf Lucas workshop Manuel for the SR1 magneto in pdf form on line and it covered cam timing. The points cam is held on a taper with a screw and can be loosed and moved . Part of the timing needs a gauge of .076 of an inch ..so i used a micrometer to select a thin drill bit ...took a few goes but the spark seems stronger in the anticlockwise rotation now., than when it was set up to go clockwise .
  13. Thanks wristspin but i had it mounted in a vise and had attached a new lead ... that i touched off the side of the vise ...to discharge the current.
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