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  1. I have a 2 wheel trusty tractor that i am restoring . The hubs were shot but i have sourced a set of adjustable hubs . I am told wheels for tyres can be made up from land rover defender rims .....anyone ever done this?
  2. howardman

    magneto sprocket to fit jap engine howard gem

    Lucas sr1 tapered shaft
  3. I need the 15 tooth sprocket that fits on the magneto of a howard gem . can arrange courier/pay with pay pal
  4. howardman

    Reversing a Lucas SR1 magneto

    Managed to reverse the lucas sr1 magneto ,. Got a pdf Lucas workshop Manuel for the SR1 magneto in pdf form on line and it covered cam timing. The points cam is held on a taper with a screw and can be loosed and moved . Part of the timing needs a gauge of .076 of an inch ..so i used a micrometer to select a thin drill bit ...took a few goes but the spark seems stronger in the anticlockwise rotation now., than when it was set up to go clockwise .
  5. howardman

    Reversing a Lucas SR1 magneto

    Thanks wristspin but i had it mounted in a vise and had attached a new lead ... that i touched off the side of the vise ...to discharge the current.
  6. howardman

    Reversing a Lucas SR1 magneto

    Cant see any other way of mounting the points, but at least it has an excellent spark since i changed the condenser. It has no impulse but still gives a good spark when turn over by hand. I have a new found respect for the lucas sr1.
  7. I picked up Lucas Sr1 magneto for my jap engine howard gem but need to reverse the rotation (clockwise to anticlockwise) has anyone ever tried this before ?
  8. Looks fabulous ..I really must get to some of the big shows in the Uk to see great restorations like this . The picture of the yours and Gareth's stunning howard Gem line up really had we wishing i was there!!!
  9. howardman

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Thanks for the replies /suggestions. Great photos Gareth as usual. I will have have to get a sprocket from the only source i can unfortunately think of ...in the south east... I have a good wico A but after a one hour battle some years ago putting a new impulse spring into it ...i cant bring my self to remove it again ..so will track down a new one. I will remove the head tomorrow to have look at the piston /bore/valves ..but i think it will be some time before it looks like yours Gareth!!
  10. howardman

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Thanks Gareth.. It was the sprocket end ..or a magneto off the engine i need to see, but appreciate these chain driven mags don't exactly slide out!! . Anyway will post a few pics at the weekend ...it will no doubt keep me entertained /challenged in the dark winter nights!! The engine is seized solid after 30 yrs under a tree..
  11. howardman

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Thanks Gareth. Could really do with a picture of this magneto if anyone can supply same
  12. I picked up a freebie howard gem ( jap ) at the weekend from someone I met at a vintage show during the summer. Its missing the magneto . I was wondering if i could modify a wico A type mag to to fit this chain driven magneto (get the missing sprocket and mount it on a wico mag)...or is it like my 180 degree twin gem ..... a unique mag to fit the howard jap engine gem?. Jap engined gems are very scare over here in ireland and i have never see one in the flesh until i picked up this one on sunday.
  13. Looking good.....I am looking forward to seeing this one finished and running ..the Sachs engine has quiet a reputation for starting difficulties but if anyone can get one running well you can. Super job on the dowdeswell ..its been a while since i logged in so enjoying the excellent photos of your machines.
  14. howardman

    Pennsylvania Panzer

    Saw one of those at a small show over here in ireland last summer. the owners kids were driving it around ...its drives well. He was working in the states for a few years as a carpenter and took it as part payment from an elderly woman he was doing work for. I have a picture of it on my phone ....meant to post it up .
  15. howardman

    Gardenmaster 34

    That jap engine looks stunning unusual machine never seen one over here.