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  1. Hi.looks very nice.im interested but no room at the Inn.if I make room by the end of the month and it's not sold.i will get back to you.have a bit of a collection and it would go well with my 420lse and my senior. 👍
  2. Great pics.was a great show.only had time for Saturday morning.would like to take some wheelhorses next year.👍
  3. O.m.g.looks like someone has been buisy.lovely job done.Any more pics. I do like to see a fine job.see plenty of poor jobs.this is a fine job.😁. Regards shaun.
  4. It probably is.but it is a back up in case my main mower has a glitch.
  5. Got an old deck out to tidy up.will have it done in a week or so.pics to follow.
  6. Shaun.turner


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