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  1. Engine behaves the same whether there is load present or not. I had between 1 and 2 Amps (120-240w) on it depending on how many switches I hit at once. Runs great for 3-4 minutes then starts popping some (not like a backfire, just skips a stroke every couple seconds). When it does this it will puff out the exhaust what i assume is the unburned combustion materials. If it does this long enough it'll bog down and almost rattles for 10 seconds or so and comes right back. It's hard to tell but almost sounds like the governor fin rattling against the recoil housing or the recoil itself making noise. I did run 4 tanks through it while I was load testing it and it seemed to run better after it cleaned itself out some. Had lots of goopy nasty black oil dripping off the muffler the first 2 tanks...black like molasses and just as sticky. I'm going to pull the plug tomorrow night and replace it. I can't imagine oil that old and/or misfiring has done it much good. After that it's up to the owner to decide how far into it he wants to get. Wish it was mine...I'm kind of hooked on this thing now! I'm quite impressed with this little engine though. Sounds mean as hell for its size and it loves being loaded when it's running well. It starts surprisingly well. Few pumps on the primer and it barks the second pull on full choke. Starts and runs on half choke on the 3rd pull then open it up and go! Shaun
  2. Well...it runs, makes power, and carries a load. Rpm hunts around some. I don't have my tach with me but output voltage is between 115 and 175vac. Hunting seems to come and go and when its slowing down there is a very audible vibration coming from somewhere...thing is too loud to tell where from but it's there. Also, I know this one has a smaller tank on it but it only runs 10 minutes or so on a tank of gas. Carb needle is just shy of 3/4 turn out from seated. Sputters and smokes and output voltage drops considerably if I back it out any more than that. So I guess my question is whether this is considered normal operation?
  3. Parts from Wallfish (thank you very much!) arrived this week and I have a question about reassembly. I saw a few posts in the carb repair thread that mentioned using adhesive to stick the diaphragm disc to the membrane. Is this required, and if so, what is recommended for adhesive? Thanks! Shaun
  4. Non-ethanol is pretty easy to find around here, was just curious if leaded fuel would be better. Avgas has zero ethanol, It's leaded, and smells like it'll blow up if you smoke near it...its wonderful stuff 😁.
  5. Fuel question: I understand that 32:1 with a non synthetic 2-stroke oil is the recommended mixture but... I have access to 100LL avgas. Local regional airport has pumps that are open to the public. Its higher octane but is leaded fuel which I presume these engines were designed to run on. Would this fuel be too hot and burn up pistons? I run a mixture of jet-a and diesel in my old international tractors and they run awesome with it! I use strictly 100LL in my chainsaws, lawn mowers, weed trimmers etc with no issues. It stores very well and has none of the "crud" issues we all find in auto gas. Just a thought and figured I'd throw it out there and see what you guys thought. Have a great weekend -Shaun
  6. Thanks David, Have some updates today. Cleaned the points breakers and re-gapped. Installed the new recoil cup and was able to get it tight using the original rivet so I still have an oil hole! Also rewound the recoil and got that back in after more than a few choice words. Had some minor cracking to the rubber insulation on the alternator leads...will heat shrink them later today. Installed my newly fashioned spring roller along with all the other bits so the bottom part of the carb is all back together. Nice pretty blue spark from the plug, good compression, and good leakdown test so I'm in pretty good shape there. Fuel tank ended up being pretty clean. Screen wasn't plugged and just some varnish inside. Thanks to all for the help so far! -Shaun
  7. Thanks David. I see that the diaphragm gaskets started after serial number 104651. Is it a good idea to use this gasket even though my serial number is prior? I have read all the threads you linked and will be using them for reference. Great info! The original check valve is still there (black rubber material just like was shown in the pics in the carb repair thread, and appears in good shape. I found a suitable roller today. Needle roller out of a small wrist pin bearing of unknown application. Was in a box of NOS at my shop and had 2 rollers missing...measures 0.0625" on the money. Needs to be trimmed to length but it was a good find. I didn't have time to look for a grommet for the governor. Time to bust out the mallet and go to work on the alternator. Will check back soon!
  8. I do have the base plate, it's just attached to a largish sheet of plywood so was removed for tinkering purposes. Yes, the missing items for the recoil are the thrust disc and oil washer. The rivet in the housing is still there but the piece it holds is gone (131-1). I have ordered the bearing. I'm not sure about serial number or manufacture date breaks...that's why I found you guys. 👍 there is also no diaphragm gasket which is common in earlier engines I guess but not sure since the intake has been worked on before by more than one other person. Pulled the tank off and have it soaking after a trip through the ultrasonic cleaner. New fuel lines and the rest of the parts for the carb (thanks wallfish) and I can at least test fire it. Aside from the missing pieces and years of neglect, it seems to be well kept and in good order. I'll pull the end off the alternator and check wiring tomorrow but I doubt it will need more than some air to blow the dust out.
  9. Thanks for the find! There are two available. I'll buy one since this is probably the only one of these engines I'll ever see if you want the other for a spare. Can I just cut a piece of felt washer to fit?
  10. Thanks! First guy to work on it said it ran if he fed it gas so spark is probably good. I will clean and gap the points for sure. I'm thinking I'll peel off the silicone and fix it right though. Are the missing recoil parts something I can get? I've also found the governor gromet is in pretty bad shape. Is this anything special or can I use anything that fits the bracket and doesnt pinch the governor arm?
  11. Hi all, One of the kids who work for me picked up this little generator at an estate auction. It didn't run but was together (unsure if complete) when he bought it. He took it to a local small engine shop and as you'll see from the pics, came back in a box. So now it's my project and I've never worked on anything like this before. Stampings are: Type 111 on the exhaust side, 048537 on the carb side, and a large 11 or II on the pto end. I've scoured this forum and have seen lots of tiny tigers but this one appears to be older and with a different alternator than the tigers. The diaphragm looks homemade, the spring roller is missing (I found the ball wedged under the spring thankfully), the felt washer and cup for the recoil are missing, obviously the recoil doesn't work, but everything else seems to be accounted for. I have managed to put the recoil back together and ready to go back in, the carburetor body and parts I have are all cleaned up. I'm wondering if i can just cut down a diaphragm for a bigger carb or if the material will be too thick. I'm working on tracking down needle rollers of the right diameter to use for the spring roller but not sure how much luck I will have. I have no idea what to do about the missing recoil parts. Any suggestions or advise you may have would be great. Thanks! Just some additional pics...
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