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  1. Thanks,I think the hardware sells Stens products.
  2. Well a couple of days ago I got all the old paint stripped off the shroud using Dumont Peel Away 6. I got it primer yesterday and today I painted the Ace Hardware Banner Red to it. It's really glossy,even better in person. I might clearcoat it,but not sure. I need to see if a local hardware has the small pull starter rope and then put the pull starter back together. Probably going to be fun and then on to putting the new decals on.I'd like to find or make a soup can type fuel tank for it .If all else fails I could get a round r/c airplane fuel tank,if I can find one big enough. I may even try starting it after all is done.
  3. I've gotten the shroud stripped down to the bare metal and I'm ready for the next step.I have the ACE paint you recommended. Did you strip yours down to bare metal or just scuff up the old paint ? I know the paint says paint + primer,but would it be better to use an actual primer on the bare metal then use the paint ? My flash wouldn't go off for some reason.
  4. Thanks factory.Those pics are great.I'd like to get some made locally as the ones off ebay are expensive.
  5. Well I got the recoil apart without bending or breaking anything following Wallfish's instructions. I even got the retainer out by heating it a little with my little butane torch and then bent the ears back. I had to tap on it with a screw driver and it popped out and flew somewhere.Oh well I guess I don't really need it.I'll have to check the length of the rope and get a piece at a local hardware that has all kinds of stuff for mowers and hand held power equipment.What's a spray can red that is close to the O&R red.I got the pull starter decal and the bird one from Ebay ?
  6. I want to paint the recoil housing on my engine and need to get the recoil spool and spring out. I visited the below thread but it doesn't tell how he got it out.What's holding it in ?I tried prying it out but didn't want to put too much pressure and maybe break something.I'd also like to replace the rope while it's apart. How do you get the spring retainer clip out without breaking the little ears off ? Also is there a favorite spray can of red,made by what manufacturer ?
  7. 1olddog


  8. What spark plug does this engine take ? The one that's in it is a Champion UY-6 and is one that the top cap screws on.There wasn't a cap on it but I found one off an old sparkplug.Need one that has a removable screw on cap.
  9. I got the new pull start knob today and put it on and also fixed a crack in the ignition wire with Performix Liquid Electrical Tape,so no spark would arc from the wire to the metal.
  10. factory,thanks for the info on the engine.I was just guessing on the hp.I was thinking that because it was in a boat it would have the greater hp.The White Heat boats with these engine weren't very fast for todays standards,but back then I suppose they were the fastest available.They were probably lucky to achieve 30 mph.A stock Homelite propped correctly will get that much and I have a full modded 25 cc Homelite that was at 54.7 mph on a GPS and that's fast for that engine.I'm into old woodworking and metal working machines and some before 1938 had no model numbers,just a name.I'm a member of OWWM http://www.owwm.org/index.php?sid=646df6f82b1017bee8d02919f050377d and will have to see if the O&R tools are on the forum or if they qualify to be on there as long as they're American made and over 20 yrs old and are either wood or metal working as a circular saw,sander or drill I have that starter on it's way.
  11. I just bought an O&R that was from an r/c boat ,probably the Octura White Heat V. It has an eight pipe exhaust for a boat.I've cleaned it up and ordered a pull starter knob for it.The O&R 1 HP decal is worn off and also the label on the pull starter. Is there anyone that makes decals for vintage motors. It has model II on it but looks like a B was stamped over it.There's also an A stamped over to the right of the model number.On the other side of the engine is stamped 014811. There may be either a B or an 8 at the beginning of number.Don't know what I'll do with it as it's not fast enough for my r/c boats.May just sell it to fund another project.Here's a pic of the boat it was probably in.
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