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  1. Got the Kohler running well so I will be keeping it attached to the Allen Scythe. I think the bottom end power of the Kohler probably suits the set up more than a two stroke .
  2. not having a lot of success getting the governor, on the K91 fitted to my Allen scythe ,to control the revs . I have a download of the manual ,but would appreciate any tips in getting some control of the engine speed .
  3. Initially , I couldn’t get a spark out of the Kohler K91 fitted to my Allen Scythe . ordered a new coil from China , couldn’t find one in UK . It turned up today and didn’t fit , the square hole through the middle is only 10 mm across flats and should be 12.5 . Being fairly annoyed , I had another go at getting a spark and after stoning the points and cleaning them again I noticed a weak spark when I spun the engine over fast with my rattle gun , put it all back together and it started, loads of blue smoke but pulled in the drive lever and it lurched off . i bought it ti cut the rushes that are invading our land because the strimmer was killing my back . Not so sure the Allan scythe won’t be worse , it’s a beast 👍 ,
  4. Is there anyone in the UK who re magnetise flywheels ?
  5. There is a Kohler K91 fitted to my Allen scythe , I'm on with fitting new coil and condenser since it lost it's spark on Sunday . I'm told my Allen scythe should have a Villiers fitted . I'd be happy to swap for a Villiers .
  6. Thanks ,I did try them but they could only offer to fit new innards into my old casing for £28 ,it's only a condenser so if I can't get one cheaply from the US ,I'll fit a car condenser outside by the points.
  7. Not having any resistance values for the coil and condenser to check against ,although the coil has very little at .9 ohms and the condenser seems like it's open circuit, I've got to assume they're duff . I found a coil cheaply from China ,nothing in UK , but I'm struggling to find the correct condenser outside of US . And there lies the problem , a $9 part but a $15 shipping cost and then there's customs and the damn post office who ransom your part until you've paid the duty and then charge you to collect the duty . So , anyone know where I can find one in the UK ? it's unusual in that it has a screw connection on the end and a mounting bracket at 90 deg to the axis of the cylindrical body .
  8. Drumnagorrach


  9. Flywheel now off , any figures for resistance in coil ? just warmed the flywheel taper are and on the opposite side of the backplate to the points is a 1/2 inch hole that a wee punch can contact the flywheel , a few gentle taps and the flywheel came off 😃
  10. I think yesterdays ride home in my trailer in the rain has upset the engine , no sark today . How do I get the flywheel off , no tapped holes , no nothing to get a grip of ?
  11. hi folks just signed up after buying an Allen Scythe . Any information would be appreciated . It has a Kohler engine fitted which looks original ,maybe the engine wasn't painted gold originally but it is now . any ideas what model and year it's likely to be ? Is there a source of parts ? the tyres are perished , I thought of motorcycle trials front tyres , but maybe something more original is available . I bought it to cut rushes in a couple of fields so it's here to work but if I can tidy it up at the same time it's no bad thing .
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