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  1. I am working on a chain saw and had to take the handle apart to fix the throttle cable. I can't figure where the spring on the throttle cable is supposed to hook to. I figure one end goes around the cable on the trigger and there is another end of the spring is bent at a right angle and has a long straight end but where does that go thanks.
  2. On the gasket that goes over the read valve which is supposed to seal the cover can you use a o ring instead?
  3. When you use a sharpening stone to make it thinner how do you hold the key.
  4. I am replaceing a coil on a ohlsson engine but how do you feed the wire around the cylinder to put it on the stud thanks.
  5. I had a friend help me pack the needle bearings on the connecting rod where it goes on the crankshaft and that was not easy. I wish there was a easier way to position them on the connecting rod.
  6. For anyone interested I have a Ohlsson & Rich chain saw which I repaired and got running for 300.00 and I alson have a ohlsson hedge clipper which I got running for 300.00. I have a picture of the chain saw and will try to get pictures of the hedge clippers.
  7. Thanks John on the carburetor arms that have the rubber on it if the rubber is bad can I put a ball in the hole like the older carbs?
  8. I realize that but the small line might fit on the carburetor tighter.
  9. I have some of that thing gas line that ohlsson sold how do I soften it up so I can use it thanks.
  10. Yes I did it before but now the screen came off the connection inside the tank.
  11. On the engines with the gas tank on the bottom how are you supposed to replace the filter in the tank.
  12. thank youHi Bonnie do you still have ohlsson parts for sale thanks.
  13. Hi Bonnie do you still have ohlsson parts for sale thanks.
  14. The carburetor assembly I am working with has a rubber that was on the lever. Can I put a ball in the hole because the rubber fell off the arm?
  15. I am trying to put the diaphragm assembly together and I showed a friend who was helping me and he thinks it will still work without putting the small pin in the groove. He said it still pivots correctly with out it what do you people think thanks.
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