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  1. Does any one know there to get ohlsson engine gaskets like the one that goes around the read valve assembly and the round gasket that goes over the read valve assembly before you put the case together?
  2. I put another read valve in and got it running. Thanks for all the help.
  3. I think the problem might be in the read valve. Is there a way to take them out and clean it?
  4. the spark is blue and it turns easy with plug out just compression. For some reason it won't fire and plug is new. I tried different plugs also. I just tried the chicken power flywheel and recoil on another engine and that other engine runs with those changed parts so I know it is not the flywheel coil or condenser. The compression is 110.
  5. It has compression and spark but it bearly pops when I spray a little fuel in the carburetor. I have another engine and as soon as I spray fuel in the carb and pull the cord it runs for about a second like it supposed to. I even switched coils from the engine the runs to the chicken power and same problem. I am going to remove a metal head gasket and see if that helps. I removed a metal head gasket and it has 110 compression but it won't fire. I remember I put the crank shaft the flywheel side in because the original one had the threads broke off.
  6. On a chicken power engine I am wirking on I put new rings and it has compression but the recoil seems to pull harder than most. It tries to start but won't keep running and the carb has been clean and great spark. I was thinking of taken off the gears which are greased well and see if that makes a difference. Do all those engines pull hard it is a 13b thanks. I took off the gears but did not make a difference. Maybe some one changed the flywheel. Are there different flywheels for ohlsson engine maybe timing is wrong.
  7. John not sure if you saw my post about slowing tiny tiger down so it produces 60 hertz
  8. I am putting new rings on a 13b engine and trying to squeze them and put the cylinder on with no luck. Does some one know of another way to compress the rings? thanks.
  9. How do they slow the generator down so it produces 60 hertz or 120 volts.
  10. Factory I can't see pictures is the replacement piston and rings have fatter rings.
  11. Were the rings in the set 400560 wider or the same as the a33-13
  12. Does any one know the number of the thin and thick rings for ohlsson 13 b engine or the tiny tiger engine thanks.
  13. I finally got my drill running the ball was stuck in the carburetor finally runs great.
  14. Thank you I found the rings on ebay. Is this what you are referring to https://www.ebay.com/itm/290968918314?hash=item43bf19592a:g:WQgAAOxyW1NREnny&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoGetUC2OtkDW5MhC26NEMS08NZcAHKZs0nEUHDF1P8P4WpZ%2BC%2Bs3idGGK67%2F8p%2BXdV6wUM0NvRYoBrz3sUqE2b1H%2Bu95Lt8UrBFOBM3WjuscMjbyl%2FYseEZ1giC4bt8QZLpPQtS6EnuaU%2FyxiLSpomJYHs6J4d7HWfItW%2BK6lLJkbJU2mD8bm5Z5er3fzRZmQCQXRF%2FVIMxv31jdQEDiz3s%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7748pi2YQ
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