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  1. Dear Nigel, I've uploaded a picture of a mountfield M4 which I needed a grass box for. Is it the one you have? Thanks, Colian


  2. Sorry it has taken so long but here is a picture of my venerable mower, 3rd engine, 2nd set of wheels, unknown number of blades, second grassbox but still the best there is!
  3. I need to repair my 1982 M4 grass collector ( the one with the fabric sides and back). Does anyone know where to buy some of the fabric so I can remake the collector on the frame.
  4. colian


  5. I'm the proud owner of an M4 Mountfield of about 1978 vintage, of course it's still going strong but it is on it's third engine (now a B&S Quantum 55) It's also on it's third grassbox and needing a replacement urgently (the whole plastic moulding at the front of the box and a couple of inches of the plastic bottom have worn away and the cloth has been patched up too often). I have repaired it with a piece of caravan aluminium but that has worn through now and I'd love to give the old thing a new one. Can they be obtained at all anymore?
  6. Dear Sten, You said you replaced the carb diaphram, could you tell me where you obtained it and if you know where a new carb (or engine) could be obtained? I supose that a new grassbox would be out of the question! Has anyone made up a working grassbox for this lovely old machine. I was told that Briggs and Stratton make an engine now that could be fitted to the side drive box but have been unable to get its part number, please help...
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