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  2. This old mower, Briggs 4-1/2 hp, does a great job. Self-propelled, high rpm's you'll run to keep up.
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    Bobcat 21" self-propelled mower.
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    Wagner Brochure
  5. Tankman

    Cub 154

    The engine is a 4-cyl model C-60. Rear tires are 8.3 x 24, big.
  6. Tankman

    '66 Panzer

    Been workin' on the Panzer. Son and grandson out for a ride https://youtu.be/MhlK4_4I4JY
  7. Tankman

    My Barn

    Horses relaxing but, ready for wo...wo...work!
  8. Hate to say it, in the USMC we say, "Green is to show the world we're mean." I prefer, "Red is for the blood we shed." Oh, "deere" me.
  9. Tankman

    Cub 154

    Found a Cub, wasn't looking just stopped roadside to take a peek-a-boo. Now the Cub is coming to my barn to spend some leisure time with the Horses. I put a bit of text on the picture so I'll remember.
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