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Bits for my next Project

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Thank you Gents for your positive comments. Lot of work sorting the Reduction Unit design set up.

I needed to provide stanchions for the tank(s) support and location, bearing support for the fan drive, Pto clutch lever mount point and lubricator positions, all in one area.

I decided on brass plates for extending up to fan shaft line. Started with an old 12 inch (305mm) square plate shown during marking out-




After lot of cutting and careful drilling time, I was able to fit it and began the stiffening with bracing layout and fittng the welded  and shaped stanchions.

Lubrication connections made to fit into the large brass bearings, then made/fitted the mountings for the Lubricators.

These Lubricators were found in an old barn in France about 15 years ago and are shown in the very first image of this Topic. Had to anneal the thick walled copper pipes, shaped to fit using a home made tube bender also shown in the image below-




Had to use incompatible metals in this unit (electrolytic/galvanic reaction risk), so will have to be careful to seal the mating surfaces of the Aluminium and Brass parts, even though they will be polished and lacquered.

Hoping to get this unit''s mounting plate/support welded up soon.

Regards and wishing all a Happy New Year  

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Not a lot of progress, what with the cold spell of the last 3 weeks. Confined myself in the warmer environment of the Lounge. Too cold in the workshop.

Have been designing and drawing up the Fuel fittings I require. Nothing 'off the shelf' will suit, so making my own and using a 1950s ATCO Pet Cock as a guide.

Got some Lathe time in over last few days and started turning up a Taper Reamer blank, then a first Pet Cock plug at the same settings. Got to produce several of these so I have a stock.

The taper angle is 7 degrees inclusive . The little levers that screw into the plug are threaded 5/32" Whitworth, so making them the same -




Had to keep to Imperial, not easy to mix metric on these, plus I have been asked to reproduce an old Pet Cock style for a restoration.

Ready to part off the finished plug from the rod and make the next one now.

The reamer blank is next to finish machining the cutting edges, then harden, temper and hone.

Quite pleased really, as the new plug actually fits perfectly in the old tap body, so I got the angle right.



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Finished the Fuel Taps. Lots of different set-ups and operations required. Did much of the work while still part of the parent brass rod. Cross drilling 3/8"(9.55mm)-





I wanted the tap levers opposed to eachother for access (in the off position), so had to be careful when it came to drilling through with the tapered plugs fitted-




The Tap's cam limit plates had to be soldered together, then to a stub of brass for machining to shape using a rotary table-




When as much work as possible was done, I cut them away from the parent bar and 'Silver Soldered' the pipe connection rods to the Tap bodies.

All the fiitings are for 3/16" (4.75mm) copper pipe. The tap tapers are 'pulled in' using the correct 'Thackery' coil spring washers and provides just the right amount of resistance-




A light polish and just need proper 1/16" Split (cotter) Pins to finish off. Maybe blend the joints. Happy with this first time job for me.









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I'm still following this thread and must say how much I admire your skill and patience in making such beautiful things like these taps.
Keep up the good work.

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