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  1. Aiberdonian


    My guess is some form of gun sight.
  2. Aiberdonian

    Antique Dynamo

    I don't think it's ebony, it's not dark enough but it is definitely some type of wood. New owner has a 1905 5HP hit and miss engine that he intends to drive it with(can't remember the make but it's not a common one)
  3. Aiberdonian

    Antique Dynamo

    It's not in the shed anymore, dragged it out today as it's on it's way to a new owner who has a collection of early stationary engines. I am hoping someone may be able to advise what it may have been used for. I saved it from being broken up for it's copper and brass by a local scrap dealer about 35 years ago, I just couldn't let him break it up as it should really be in a museum. It's a Crompton DC dynamo serial no.6270, 70 Volt 25 Amp output at 1280 RPM and I believe it could well be pre 1900 but I have no idea what it would have been used for and whether it had been driven by steam, petrol or maybe waterwheel or what equipment would have run off the 70 Volt output. Preston Services had a similar one a few years ago but it had 3 armature supports and was 110 Volt output.
  4. Aiberdonian

    Not a Lot.

    We seem to be getting off lightly in our part of Aberdeenshire although wind is creating some nice drifts. Cleared way round to workshop with snow blade on back of Mitsubishi. While I was freezing my nuts off my 12 year old Staffie/Jack Russell cross was sitting in his armchair heating himself at the pot bellied wood burner. It's a dog's life! !
  5. Aiberdonian

    Toro Mower

    I should have kept that out of the photo! It's a 4.2 Litre straight six Jaguar mark 10 engine with 66,000 miles on the clock. I bought the whole car because I mistakenly thought it had a 3.8 Litre engine and I wanted the cylinder head for the 3.8 E Type engine in my Carlton Carrera kit car. The heads aren't interchangeable (additional waterways at the rear of the head) so I might swap the whole engine as 3.8 heads are as rare as hen's teeth. The rest of the car would have suited Fred Flintstone, there was nothing about the body worth keeping.
  6. Aiberdonian

    Mitsubishi D1450FD

    Brother in law has 10 acres of woodland just at the back of our houses and he gave me the contract (unpaid) to clear some of the trees that have been blown down over the years. We didn't want to cut down any standing trees so the Mitsubishi is fine and small for snaking around them dragging out the blown ones but about 4 years ago we had a really bad gale with about 25 trees down in one day just up from the houses with many more further up the wood that we just couldn't cope with so it's being professionally cleared and thinned at the moment. Unless we get some severe winters I should have enough logs for quite a few years already stockpiled, thank god for double ended log splitters, they don't half make an axe obsolete. Those cleats are 6" long by 2" deep and they do work well in soft ground, they are Bridgestone Farm Service LUG specials and came with the tractor.
  7. Couple of other machines in the collection, the rotovator is semi retired since I turned the vegetable plot in to grass after a couple of years when nothing grew but it is handy for digging up rough patches of ground prior to leveling and the snow blower is waiting for a decent winter, It does have two tracks but I thought I would try it on a couple of old Howard wheels to see if it be easier to handle but there hasn't been enough snow to find out since I fitted them. Last photo shows it earning it's keep in 2010.
  8. Aiberdonian

    Toro Mower

    Another one that would fit in to the ride on category. You'll see that my machines are in what you would call working condition.
  9. Aiberdonian

    Mitsubishi D1450FD

    As requested, one or two photos of my Mitsubishi doing what it was bought for - taking fallen trees out of a 10 acre woodland at the back of the house. I initially bought a Ransomes MG 5 for the job but it couldn't cope with exposed tree roots and big stones sticking out of the ground used to knock the tracks off. It is amazing the size of trees it can deal with, and if it struggles you just cut another bit off the tree. The tarpaulin is covering one of three piles of logs waiting to be split and fed in to the pot bellied wood burner in the workshop.
  10. Aiberdonian

    Solex 26FHG carburettor

    Reiver, I have a Solex 26 FHG carburettor but I think it is off a car as the only Bamford engine that my father had was an SD1 that powered our lighting plant before we had mains electricity. I have had a look at some EG1 engines and it does appear very similar.