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Hayter 21 Rough Cut

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Hi, Just collected a rust free Hayter 21 that had been standing  some time and is all complete, even the blades are very sharp and the body skirts work . It is the red 5 BHP and a 206 Magnetron  engine and a light green deck. The carb is attached directly to the fuel tank like its old baby brothers. After a bit of fettling I fired up the old girl. No issues there but I want to pull the carb to bits and give it a service, therefore I am looking for a carb service kit ? Can anyone supply a good UK contact for this beast. Definitely running out of room in my garage, but I can still get to the beer fridge. :D

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Thanks lads. since the posting I found Ernest Doe in Essex, they stock these parts. Just got my wheels back from blasting for my Osprey. they came up like new. Wife thinks I have too many projects on the go ( so what ). Regards Colin

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