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Why you never meet women online

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Pictures are absolutely misleading. Its kind of like those glamour or boudoir photos, or the ones the estate agents hand out that are retouched. Well I bid on an air compressor at this auction site because the compressor was only a 100 miles away and I was going that way. It seemed like a nice portable shop air compressor, one of the older generation that really lasts, well in the picture it was next to some electric motors that I thought were 1-2 hp motors, upon arriving at the auction site the electric motors turned out to be the size of a cow and so did the "date" I had won on auction for 150.00, and at nearly 300kg that works out to 2kg to the dollar. Apparently it has a 5 hp 220 volt motor with a tank that could power the Queen Mary for a jaunt in the harbor. They loaded it in the van with a crane, had to take the front skids loose to lower it enough to pass into the cargo area, it was 51 inches tall, I managed to get some smooth 2x12 wood ramps to the back of the van and pull it rear ward with a come along until I could slide it down the ramps enough to reattach the front two skids, then pulled it to the end of the ramps and lifted one end (it wasn't the light end, there wasn't a light end) onto a heavy duty dolly and danced a jig getting her centered on the dolly. From now on I'm sticking with skinny air compressors, the ones that stand up. Thinking back after wrestling the old girl out of the van, why didn't I least take the trailer, oh yeah, she looked svelte.


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agree with you entirely, I made a bid last year on a small spool valve from a case skid steer loader. It looked the size of a D series one.


I went to collect and the the guy carried it from his 4x4 with two hands!  it was 9 inches square and weighed 10lbs!   


I apologised for wasting his time and left it....

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I don't suppose you could pump my tIres up from where you are could you, should be enough air in that tank to get to

UK .

God buy though .

sure just give your end of the hose

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