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Not so much handy, but lucky!

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As some of you know, we are rebuilding ewans cub and engine.

Whilst undoing one of the head bolts it sheared off. We tried welding a nut, but it sheared below.



So I ground the top and tried to drill it.... The welding has hardened the bolt so it couldn't be drilled :(  we bought a carbide drill and set to. It all went well until the drill snapped in the block.... Double doh!


Fortunately we managed to get the end to drop into the exhaust port. So ran another drill through and then started to clean out the threads. 


Until snap! The tap snapped when it hit the curve of the exhaust port. Not happy, desperation saw me drill the tap with a carbide pcb drill, three 1mm drills later I managed to break the tap up in the hole and into the exhaust port.


I was going to give up last week, but it shows that a bit of perseverance pays off!





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