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Garden tidy up and playtime

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The weather was reasonable on Saturday so we made start on collecting leaves.


I blew them into piles and the kids collected and tipped.








Had a play up the field moving boulders and collecting some gravel...





that wet clay clay stuff is heavy...






the trailer sinks with 1/2 ton and needs two tractors to move it.









and eventually even C4 bogs down and loses the will to live. I need a trailer with flotation tyres on. That or I need to stop overloading the trailer :D








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That's a good trailer - I purchased a tin tipping one  from a local farmers store to haul road stone down a long drive using my trusty " Lawn Bug ", it was rated at 300kg and i only put around 100kg in it and when i drove off the whole axle frame assembly stayed put as the trailer body moved forward .No guarentee for commercial work was what i was met with 30 mins after buying it ? .

I think if i had driven through mud like that the whole trailer would have ripped apart ...lol .

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I miss being able to use my Wheel Horses for work like that, these day's I don't even own a trailer!

Speaking of trailers, be careful with the weight you put in the Saxon, or your end up banana-ing it like I did with mine.

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