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Cub Cadet

Home made stove

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Ive had this small gas bottle hanging around for over a year, i've already made a forge out of a larger one but I have always wanted to make a little stove to cook on when we go to shows. with the help of my dads welding we knocked this up in a couple of days.


























The legs can be removed by loosening the bolts, the idea was to make everything quite compact.


Im pleased with how its turned out, when I get round to it I need to add another air vent, a new handle and some other little bits but hopefully it will serve us well!


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13 minutes ago, Stormin said:

Nice work again, Ewan. :thumbs: 


I was going to take mine to Newby, but I don't think I'll bother now. Be to embarrassing.


Cheers Norm, I don't know how it'll perform on wood consumption, its only small but it certainly got hot on the test run! Bring it along :)

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