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Mini Tractor Rally, Glastry Co Down

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The Mini Tractors NI club held a small working show on the 26 August. One of the club members had told me before about their working day but I had never managed to get round to going to it. This year I was given a flyer for the show and decided to keep that date free and take my Ransomes MG40 and discs down for a play.

We don't seem to have the same number of exhibitors for garden tractors or horticultural machinery as you do in the rest of the UK so it was good to see such a good display of machines. Changing the colour and re-branding a certain make of red tractor seemed quite popular. There were a couple of interesting home made machines that caught my eye.

glastry 1.jpg

glastry 2.jpg

glastry 3.jpg

glastry 4.jpg

glastry 5.jpg

glastry 6.jpg

glastry 7.jpg

glastry 8.jpg

glastry 9.jpg

glastry 10.jpg

glastry 11.jpg

glastry 12.jpg

glastry 13.jpg

glastry 14.jpg

glastry 15.jpg

glastry 16.jpg

glastry 17.jpg

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