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New String Trimmer

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I thought I had made a good deal buying a Stihl FS70R string trimmer from an online selling forum, I've done really well buying on this forum in the past, but in my desperation of needing a a string trimmer I broke my cardinal rule of "Don't buy any 2 cycle hand held equipment that doesn't run perfectly". It turns out the previous owner had not only used ethanol flavored petrol in it, but had used straight gas without any oil (scored/overheated piston, bad carb, lines, etc. I fell for the deal because the trimmer looked as if it had only been used once, maybe twice. maybe it had, it just didn't take this buffoon long to damage it. That s a 125.00 dollar mistake, as it was only able to perform about six trimmings before it completely died and needed a full rebuild. I went into research mode knowing that there were many good trimmers out there, but I was going to have to shell out some serious dead presidents to get a good commercial grade trimmer that could handle trimming a 3 acre lot, 400 foot driveway and fences around 20 acres. I almost fell for the box store Husqvarna, the 525L until research showed that these were made generally for Stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes home improvement stores and were not of the same quality as the 525LS models sold at Lawn and Garden outlets. The 20-30 dollars less would translate to 20-30 percent less machine, so I bought the 525LS at our local Husqvarna dealer, and I bought this for several reasons, mainly the 1.34 hp 25.4cc engine capable of over 7,000 rpm and the anti-vibration design, but because it was commercial grade. In my research I also found an oil (Amsoil Saber) that will lengthen the life of the engine while preventing the muffler/spark arrestor from getting clogged with oil. It is a high quality oil that mixes 80:1 with real no ethanol petrol. I'm 329.00 lighter in the wallet, but I cant really tell after using such a great trimmer, yes I did remove the guard.






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