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Ariens GT14H and 6KW Onan Generator

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My plan was to put the Onan generator on the Ariens GT14H with the 54 inch front plow (removing the plow of course) and Brinly tandem disc, but the front crankshaft had been previously damaged somehow and the electric PTO clutch would not operate correctly and I feared it might ruin the clutch. Since the Onan generator was made for an Ariens front mount I removed the 48" front shaft drive snow blower from my other Ariens GT14H, not a difficult task and I tested it out and I am ready for any power outages. In all fairness the odds of me needing a 48" shaft drive Snow Blower here in Oklahoma are very slim and I have at least 4 other tractors that have front snow plows on them now and I can outfit 8-10 more. My next project is to hook up a disconnect and power outlet to run the 240 volts from the generator into the electrical panel. I'm going to have a real certified licensed electrician do this as I have already been electrocuted too many times, not fun, But in the mean time we can run a few extension cords in emergency to power the essentials, refrigerator, freezer, coffee pot, TV, computer and phone chargers. We have a fireplace and 14" thick walls we don't need to turn the heat on very often anyway



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