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After delays over the last few weeks for various reasons, I finally managed to pay a long awaited visit to the famous wood sheds on the South Coast.  After being diverted by road works not far from home I had more delay as my sat nav decided to send me on a scenic tour of Brighton. :angry:  Never seen so many traffic lights, all changing to red as I approached, plus numerous pedestrian crossings, all occupied of coarse.


After lots of :banghead:  and grinding of teeth,  I knew I must be near my destination as I could hear the whistling of a kettle not too far off.  When turning into Wood Shed Avenue the headlights of a big RED van suddenly lit up in excitement at seeing me again. :)  I knew then that I had arrived.


Chris, who had been twiddling his thumbs waiting for me, rushed out all smiles. After a few unimportant greeting words came the expected, "Wanta Cuppa".  How could I say no.  After a chin wag over the drink I was given a guided tour of the famous and much talked about wood sheds. WOW.  I never imagined so much wood was needed to hide a few RED painted bits of metal.  Chris told me that he had to constantly re stock the sheds with wood as Pam kept burning it, and if the level dropped below 69.5 % there was a risk of her seeing RED. :hdance: :hyper: :angry:  He started trembling as he told me this and quickly moved on to his workshop where I managed to be shown around without banging my shins or tripping over things.  I think he must have been tidying up.  I had a good look around and spotted lots of things I had seen before somewhere. :confused: But NOT on the South Coast. 


After Chris welded some parts for me, part of the reason for my visit, it was time to take to the road again.  I had to leave early as my son needed MY car which I had borrowed from him for the day.  After being given directions to avoid Brighton, off I went.  I thought I would avoid the road work diversions near home by heading through Guildford which I knew would be busy.  It was with stops and starts but not as many traffic lights etc as Brighton.


So, thanks to Chris and Pam for the cuppa's, biscuits and chit chat etc and hope I don't have to rush off next time.


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Sounds like a great outing. What will the drivers in the near future do, take a trolley? I heard the UK was banning hybrids and all cars that didn't run mostly on electric in a little over 20 years, no vans, no sprinters, no Landys, will lories be electric too? I just want to know how they will put in a recharging station that can charge that many cars and have that much voltage without getting a part of the Back to the Future car. Are politicians just insane?

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