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Allonby Charity Ploughing Match.

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  This year was the 12th year this has been held. Not bad for what was intended as a one off. Each year it seems to grow a bit with craft stalls, horses, static displays and other attractions. . I've only been involved for the last 8-9 years helping with the organising and setting up. I have never plough there though, as for the last 5yrs it clashed with my annual foray darn sarf to RPT and Biddenden.

  This year I could attend so entered. Unfortunately only two people entered with horticultural tractors. Myself with the C-121 (Black Horse) and a friend with a Raider 12 and ex, expeatfarmer Ransomes drag plough. So we decided to just have a play. Blind leading blind.

  Unfortunately due to the prolonged dry weather, the ground was quite hard. Not the mention stoney. My plough would hardly break the surface. So we just played with the drag plough.

  That would, due to it's weight, cut in. After several adjustments, trials and errors we manage to get a decent furrow. As my friend is badly crippled, Lewis my number 3 grandson did the driving, to save Ian getting on and off.

   Not many photo's sorry to say, but I was busy being mechanic.


  Some of the field and the view across the Solway Firth to Scotland.










Ian, Lewis and Billy the collie.



Lewis ploughing for the first time.






  It was a good day and I think the best attendance by the general public so far. I did get a surprise and very unexpected.


  The C-81 got another rosette.



 That makes two 1st's and a second. :)

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