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My uncle needs to use a rotovator for a few days so in my wisdom I’ve offered to help and got hold of a machine to use but need to get it running first . Story of my life another machine with no spark 😡🤔 I’ll dig a bit more tomorrow but does anyone know if there is a cut of switch I’m not seeing ? 





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Looks like a B and S off a merry Tiller, the only cut out is the little flap next to the spark plug. 

Firstly try the obvious, clean up the plug and check the plug gap or try a different one, then take off the cowling and clean up the coil where it meets the flywheel,  and check the gap between coil and flywheel. 

They are fairly bombproof engines, so if you still have no spark, it is probably the coil. 


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39 minutes ago, Fix'em all said:

In my experience 90% of the time cleaning the points will get the spark back. Hope the carb is ok as that type can be a bit of a  pain to work on and tend to leak fuel when the engine is not running.

Cleaned the flywheel and coil and couldn’t see a spark but got a Jult of the plug when I held it and pulled it over . Cleaned the tank out and got a load of crap out . Now not sure if I’m getting fuel in the carb that’s my next step .

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