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84952486-77B6-4E7A-9143-61D144A19C7F.jpeg.d5cd6cdabbb5cc60b4dd494f9d5a1ad8.jpegPicked all of these up at the weekend . Not sure what I’m going to do with them yet . They may end up being useful to someone to restore a machine or I may end up getting them going and doing something with them . I’m not sure what they all are 🤔 looks like a villiers 10 with a reduction box . Couple of Suffolk engines . Maybe an Allen scythe engine . Any info is appreciated as I’m not all that sure . All else fails they will make great doorstops










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All well loved!!!

The last one is a Briggs, the Villiers with the reduction box and double pulley, possibly came off a farm bale elevator or even a soil screening trommel  - who knows. The SIF s are what they are, -  plenty around . The little two stroke , I think more likely off a small 1950s cylinder mower - another who knows?!

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