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Sears Roper fuel tank.

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   The plastic fuel tank had been painted when it was restored. This was because the tank was in a very dirty condition. Not surprising really when you consider where the tractor had been found and the condition of it.

  The conditions the tank had been painted in were not ideal and the paint had started to bubble in places. So at the weekend I decided to repaint it. Getting it off was not as simple as I thought it would be. Remove seat, cross brace between fenders, remove left hand fender, Remove fuel line from pump and sundry cable ties. I could then lift the tank pulling the fuel line through so I could disconnect it from the tank. All the old paint was then removed.

 Yesterday it got three coats of primer.




  Today three coats of top coat.






  The paint I use is Supadec rattle cans. I find it very good. It's what I have used to paint the Black Horse and it's lasting well. 


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