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Westwood W11 Paleface Restoration Process

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So I've just bought this old paleface W11 to restore. I know it runs ride and cuts, but the paintwork needs fixing and the steering wheel, wiring and deck have had some dodgy repairs in its time:lol:. Its going to be fully stripped down and restored to factory condition. I will video the project and post it to youtube and also upload photos on here as i go as i may need advice etc. Ive had a W8 paleface in the past, a T1800, a W6, an S600, a T1200 and I currently have an early D1200 with the T1200 branding and Lombardini engine so Im not new to these machines. Ill post the first update this weekend.





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5 hours ago, Cub Cadet said:

Wow, looks like its had a rough life! I look forward to seeing your process, we make the decals, if you require them, let us know. http://restorationdecals.co.uk/Westwood.htm Good luck! :thumbs:

Yeah Ive been on your site a few times, definitely going to order some, I picked it up today, it'd been sat in a barn 10 years with occasional use. i found out  the previous owner had put a motorbike exhaust on it and hand painted the bonnet so today i removed the exhaust engine etc getting it ready for a full teardown tomorrow

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