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My BMB Special Tractor ?

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Hello All 

Here is some pictures of  my Winter project Ha Ha .not to sure what to do with it keep it as it is or make changes which will ruin its current condition not much to look at but a very interesting way of converting a pedestrian Tractor too a four wheeler Dont think i will see another .

Has a plough as well  can i have your thoughts          :tthankyou::thumbs:

bmb with front cowling on.jpg

bmb with front on and bonnet.jpg

Very worn seat bmb.jpg

controls bmb.jpg

Very neat little throttle bmb.jpg

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Thanks for your reply so far.  Did some work today on the BMB special removed extension rims to make it easier to move, renewed HT lead and Carb, fuel tap etc and also measured for new drive belt  so good progress had a new Apprentice giving me a hand today   Thanks :tthankyou:

bmb with extensions off.jpg

bmb side view rims off.jpg

my Apprentice.jpg

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Good evening Mr Jarrovian 

My Apprentice is well looked after no crumbs, He likes only fat balls and  Macdonalds Chicken Nuggets,  I have him in training  to help with his lifting of Spanners and he has had his Vaccination for Covid 19 I always look after my Staff:tthankyou::D 

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