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Buck rake forklift.

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  My mate Dunc had an old buck rake of unknown origin lying about. For fitting on the rear of a tractor. We'd got it into the workshop last week to see what we could do with it. First thing was a new hydraulic hose which Dunc had got made earlier this week.

 With that fitted we set too to make it into a forklift, for mainly moving crates of firewood. First we cut off the two outside prongs and the centre one. Then some scrap angle iron was welded to the now outside prongs.  This was to extend them to reach fully under a pallet.








   Pleased to say things worked well. And cheap as well. :D







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Starting with a new hydraulic hose was a wise choice to ensure everything ran smoothly. Cutting off the outside prongs and welding on some angle iron to reach under pallets is a clever modification.It's always impressive to see how folks like you can repurpose equipment to fit specific needs. The world of DIY engineering is full of creative solutions.If you ever find yourself needing more advice or ideas for your forklift project, or if you're still on the hunt for information, don't hesitate to check out ANGUS Lift Trucks. They might have some valuable insights to offer for your unique setup.

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