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Transmission Trouble.

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   I was using my Wheel Horse C-81, fitted with the finger bar, a couple of weeks ago. After selecting hi ratio to return to where I'd started, to make a second pass, I had difficulty engaging low ratio. It did engage and I completed the cut.

  Back in the yard and after cleaning things down, I couldn't get the hi - low lever to move into low.


  So last weekend removed the finger bar and got the tractor onto the lift table. (Ex hospital bed) Wheels off then the trans' after removing the hubs. Nice surprise when the hubs came of without any trouble.





 Split the box using some Stanley blades to break the seal. Tapped in four, then four more. Then a couple of screwdrivers to open it up a bit more then two large chisels.





  Nice and clean inside, but here's what I found.




  Broken selector fork. Only welded on one side and the weld hadn't taken hold. Only on were you can see the missing piece.

  Went to the Toro dealer in Carlisle and of course they didn't stock them. The lad serving me went and phoned Toro. Three days delivery and £90 for the complete unit. Which of course I don't need the bolt, detent ball and spring.

  A friend of mine is going to see if he can successfully weld it. If not I've had offers of one to be sent over from the U.S.






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Hi Norm,

               Not a good experience when it happens. Those forks are the 'Achillies Heel' of the WH trans, considering the rest of it is built like a Victorian brick WC.

At least the parts fit back together with a register for lining up again. Look's like there is a bit of wear around curved fork face as well

Hope the weld job works ok to save money and get it fixed.


I have the surplus C-120 8 speed trans sitting around and wondering if I could be bothered to put it on the Job List and open it up for an overhaul?.

Too much on the go, so may just sell it on with my stock of new roller bearings etc, just to make space. 

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