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Some of the nicer or more rare stuff

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Next Saturday is a smaller get together up in Maine so figured I'd bring up some of the stuff that doesn't go to the big shows. They haven't seen the light of day in a LONG time so it'll be nice for people to see them. They're too small and expensive to leave unattended at the big shows although I have never heard of any stealing of anything at any of them.

Just a small sample and will probably bring about 20-25 tools or so depending on available time to get them out. Pictures of the entire display all together next week



NOS PC3 Fogger

LA Fire Dept's Fan

Bridge's Drill from UK

Grass trimmer from UK

Petro Drill

Lapadary saw

NOS green Amp Champ

Orline Cut Off saw


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I forgot you also have one of the fire dept fans.  I love the old Beacon Star lapidary saw.  I e yet to see another one!  That P3 fogger has the 20A engine, right?

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Here's the list of more that's going. I'm hoping to generate some more people's interest in O&R stuff and the best way is to let them see a bunch of the applications available and how cool these little things are. That's how I got into it when a couple of them were sitting on a shelf where I went to buy something else.

Mity Mite generator

Creme Lure generator

TT 300

2 versions of Chip A Saw

Mono Chainsaw

Comet chainsaw

Comet pump

C Saw circular saw

Little Wonder hedge trimmer

Bee Jay winch

JB power chipper saw

Polaris Power pole snow blower

Polaris power pole outboard

Compressor with spay gun

Wards digger 10

Micro mini bike

Turbair ToT

Glow fuel conversion engine with airplane prop


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It wasn't a big event. Just at a guy's house but yeah, it definitely got some attention. I enjoy explaining what they are, answering questions and trying to generate interest in them

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You have some really nice O&R stuff John!  What is your "Lapadary saw"  Is that a mini table saw?  Is there an official count on all of the machinery O&R powered? Just when you think youve seen them all a dozen other oddballs show up!  I cannot believe they had a powered earth auger. I really like your fogger, compressor and power pole.



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Thanks. Years of hunting them down

The lapidary saw is for cutting rock, stone. Thin diamond blade with a water reservoir below for cooling

There never was a count on the different tools. Although I've seen and heard of most, new stuff still pops up every once in a while

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