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The rare 6 port O&R!

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For your amusement is the rare 6 port O&R engine!  This engine was put away "running", as I am sure most are! This little O&R must have been dug out of a lake bed. The muffler was completely packed full of mud. I bead blasted the engine and submerged it in my heated ultrasonic cleaner for three days. I gave the cylinder a wiggle with my O&R cylinder removal tool, and snap, the connecting rod blew in half. With the cylinder separated from the crankcase I re-blasted the engine this time getting under the piston, and into the crankcase. The crankcase free'd up within an hours time in the ultrasonic. The piston was a job the grease gun fought with. I am surprised to say that this little casting can actually take 5,000psi of force, as the bypass on the pump hit a few times as heat was applied. The little piston finally came out, and it was rusted and corroded all over. It turns out that the mud in the muffler eat through the cast iron liner into the cylinder. So much for trying to save the cylinder!  This one is a goner. I will have to put a donor piston/cylinder/rod in this one when I go about replacing all of the needle bearings. I thought you guys would like to see the pictures even though the situation isnt the greatest. The pump has been loosely reassembled and now has spark, so that is a good thing!









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Nice clean up! Hate when the connecting rod snaps or twists…. I gotta break down and get me a little ultrasonic tank one of these days…

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