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  1. Mayfield snowplough

    No problem at all, It is easier than the allen scythe that I used to use.The wheel hubs are left unlocked and the Mayfield has reverse gear which helps.The Mayfield is a bit lighter than the allen scythe even with the wheel strakes fitted.I am hoping we get more snow to play in !
  2. We had a bit of snow today, gave me an excuse to get the Mayfield out and stretch its legs
  3. Solex 26FHG carburettor

    Hello, I am looking for one of the above carburettors to suit a Bamford EG1 if any body has one spare.I would also take just the lower half that incorporates the float bowl.Thank you
  4. Auto culto field model L. Simar 30? Pegson?
  5. W E Conyers Charger

    You could try Paul at meetens.They have bits for BSA engines
  6. Auto culto strip down

    Congratulations on the second place! A just reward for all your hard work on the auto culto.
  7. This is an ED300 charging set, I believe it was built by BSA under licence from Johnson.The previous owner told me that it was from WW2, and had been on a fire launch which was on Belfast Lough. When I got it,there was no compression and no spark.I took the head off to find a stuck exhaust valve, corroded valve seats, and a stuck top compression ring.These are now freed off and valve seats recut and valves ground in. Now have some compression .The points required cleaning and a replacement ht lead restored a healthy blue spark . I am now working my through the dynamo end, it starts off a battery and gives some output.If anybody knows where I can get a choke assy for this engine.Please let me know
  8. Mountfield m1

    It looks like you have a briggs built in 1975 possibly 5hp the first two numbers are not that easy to see.They give the cubic capacity. From my own machines if the first two numbers are 13 that's 5hp, 14 is 6hp
  9. Briggs engine id

    Hello If the first number is correct it confirms that the engine is 6 hp , horizontal shaft,with flojet carburettor, and pneumatic (air vane)governor. There should be another 8 digit number the first two digits of this number is the year.You should be able to find a parts list for your engine on the briggs website using the 142301 number
  10. Auto culto strip down

    Good luck with the ploo-ing, weather forecast doesn't look promising.
  11. Auto culto strip down

    Nice job C.Plooman and Rolloman.I am sure it will go as well as it looks.
  12. Auto culto strip down

    Double time on a Sunday plus materials ,could be expensive, hope Callander ploo-man has an understanding bank manager.
  13. Kermit might go in the huff ,if he gets left at home and doesn't get out to play
  14. Sachs Diesel Injector Overhaul

    I have used Peter slater,fuel injection engineer in the past. he has a website.Probably not the cheapest but does the job
  15. allen scythes

    Nice collection
  16. allen scythes

    Rolloman was busy discussing the finer points of machinery maintenance with me
  17. Auto culto strip down

    Excellent choice of name,looking forward to seeing the finished machine
  18. Auto culto strip down

    Dinnae make it too shiney, you'll no want to get it dirty!
  19. my new project

    Are you going to paint it in original colours or just leave it as it is?
  20. Hello I have one of the above rotavators.It has a 3hp briggs and stratton engine fitted.I have two different tarpen flexidrives.They appear to be for landmasters but neither of them appear to fit correctly.Does anybody have one of these machines with a flexidrive fitted? If you have could you put a picture up of flexidrive.Thank you
  21. I don't know where the drive unit came from.So may have been modified or it maybe for another machine with a longer drive tube. I think the shaft would come out of the flexidrive as I think it is just secured into drive unit by the drive pulley grub screw.
  22. This is a picture of flexidrive fitted to super 88.
  23. Hello Paul The problem is that the square ended shaft on the flexidrive appears to be too long and doesn't allow the drive to go into the drive tube far enough to be clamped .I will try and get some photos tomorrow
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