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  1. wonderboy123

    can you hepl me

    i was given your name to see if you can help me i have a Dashwood Colwood moter plough a type B with the villers motor on it and wondered if you know where i could get some more info on it i have looked on the web but drawn a blank see photo
  2. wonderboy123

    can any one help me

    wonderboy123 would you know where i could find more info on a model B tryed on line but draw a blank ahy help would do regards Kevin
  3. wonderboy123

    can any one help me

    Pmackellow that's where i got it from trying to fit small tralor on the back i see the alto truck and looks like the same engine on it and still looking on ebay for any attachments thanks mate
  4. wonderboy123

    can any one help me

    thank you pmackellow that was fast sey it is and it runs very well think i got a good deal on it would you know if there was a plough made for them ?
  5. wonderboy123

    can any one help me

    hi can some one help me out i have got a Dashwood colwood moter hoe it has got a villers engine on it can anyone tell me where the model number is thank you see photo