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  1. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    Hi yes the Howard Hako is mine as is the Anzani Motor Hoe and Sexton seed drill
  2. Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    excellent pictures Paul glad to have met you in person Dave
  3. NORTHUMBERLAND VINTAGE TRACTOR CLUB rally at BRUNTON near ALNWICK, varied selection of horticultural exhibits some weird
  4. Northumberland Vintage Tractor Club annual rally held at Brunton near Alnwick NE66 3HQ 21st/22nd October 2017 closing date September 25th camping from Friday to Monday contact 07706121081 or www.northumberlandvintagetractorclub.co.uk
  5. A rude awakening.

    Hi Norm good job it was not the main trunk it does look a bit rotten hope your leg gets better soon Dave
  6. Kohler K141 Flywheel

    does any kind soul have a Kohler K141 flywheel lurking in their shed. It is the one without magnet on flywheel. I have one with magnet in flywheel to dispose of prefer in north east England
  7. NVTC rally Alnwick 21st/22nd October

    Hi Norman yes enter horticultural class if you use sat nav it takes you to next farm but you are close I will be on site Friday morning
  8. FOFH Peepy Working Weekend 2/3 Sept

    you are correct what made you assume that? what do you think of the hand ploughs?
  9. Friends Of Ferguson Heritage at Peepy Farm Stocksfield Northumberland great working weekend weather brilliant sunshine on Saturday overcast on Sunday but dry very hard for working Rollo-Man and Callander-Plowman came south and I think they enjoyed themselves as well as three from Yorkshire with hand ploughs myself trying out my new rotavator here are a few pics
  10. FOFH Peepy Working Weekend 2/3 Sept

    thank you for posting picture of correct colour scheme for Landmaster E10 found bit of blue on handles. You can tell which different day pics were taken ie. Rollo-Man in shirt sleeves me on Sunday with coat and gloves using my newest purchase, powerful little beast
  11. Ladybank rally 2017

    who is the big fellow with the lawnmower? love your new pup
  12. unknown knapsack sprayer & rotavator

    Hi Steen Yes I think the engine is an Aspera but I think I have found a good one. At a rally at Biggar in Scotland my friend, Rollo-Man and myself were looking at it and it started on the second pull (good job I was holding the handlebars) very pleased with it just hope someone can identify make and model Dave
  13. purchased recently from well known internet site Knapsack Sprayer for £1.99p anyone know make or model also unknown rotavator starts well and runs ask Rollo-Man
  14. Duster found at Somerset Tractor Show

    Hi Alan when you find out what make of duster it is let me know because I have one as well
  15. Biggar Rally13th August2017

    also seen at Biggar unknown rotavator, a Douglas Hoe and Gapper as well as a Lister push hoe I also took my perfect seed drill. We had fun especially when someone started said rotavator. anyone got any idea what make and model it is or age, the handle bars are chrome under the red paint
  16. Rollo Croftmaster

    check with Rollo-man in Scotland he has one
  17. my new toy

    after looking at the side of the Perfect drill it was made at the Central Metal Works Bristol and now some pics of my Douglas Hoe and Gapper with some pics from Masham Steam Rally. I also acquired a Planet Junior No 25 seed drill
  18. my new toy

    help information is required on my new purchase PERFECT seed drill made in Bristol
  19. Chillingham Vintage Tractor Rally

    did you mean to cut rollo-man in half? good shot of my Suffolk colt
  20. My new toy

    those pictures look very familiar especialy next to my allen cylinder mower is your camera not working?
  21. Through the showmans lens at Newby Hall

    great pictures I tried to get one of the big blue chevy but too many people around it. met Stormin and The Showman amongst others, great guys
  22. Newby Hall Tractorfest. Ripon.

    Hi all eta Newby Hall about 15-00 all being well, hope we get decent weather
  23. and I thought there was no room at the inn for auto culto
  24. Wheelhorse Southern Round-Up

    Hi NEIL yes you do need insurance for static display as all rally fields are classed as public areas however you might possibly only need public liability insurance but please check with organiser first Dave (ex rally organiser)
  25. simar c30

    for sale SIMAR C30 bought 2 year ago never got round to it located in Tyne & Wear £120 ovno
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