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  1. Mower Deck refurbishment

    If it's something that going to be used I'm often tempted to use tetroseal underseal, on out of sight bits. It's a lot less sticky than waxoyl underseal
  2. Wiston Steam Rally

    I allways really liked the look of mk 1 transits however after that bl**dy Ford Focus that I had the misfortune of buying I will never own anything with a blue oval again! Pity the show is so far away as it looks a really good one. Some great pictures.
  3. Thank you Richard. It's machines like yours and many others on here that inspire me to do mine. You're certainly right about the aches and pains, my health in terms of my joints is deteriating to the point I'm not sure how many more of these gems I can undertake, plus I'm seriously running out of room. After this and the Dowdeswell is finished, I think I'm going to have a break from them. My next project is going to be finishing off a toylander that is half done, never one to do it the easy way I'm converting this one to Honda power rather than the usually used invalidity scooters. A GX 200 will just fit under the bonnet with a cut out in the under tray and the bulkhead. The power will then be transferred via a centifrugal clutch to a ride on mower gearbox. To take the extra weight there's going to have to be a box section chassis squeezed in as well. I did toy with idea of 4x4 like the real thing but have ruled it out on space and cost grounds. At least with it I can do most the work in the warm living room rather than outside during the winter in the cold.
  4. Heres the decals fitted. Also tonight I prepped and primed a chain case cover.
  5. Thanks for your compliments. Still a few things to do, including the rotor shaft and chain case, but can now see the end. This morning I applied the decals on the rear end plus fitted the tool box. Photos to follow.
  6. Happy birthday Nigel

    Happy birthday nigel
  7. Wheel Horse RJ-58 Restoration

    Haven't been on the forum for a while, but I'll be following this with interest. If it turns out half as good as your cub then the results will be amazing.
  8. Due to having a few issues going on I haven't touched this for nearly 2 months. Heres where im up to.
  9. MK12 Villiers

    Are you brave enough to say that to micheala?
  10. Lets go back to the 90'S.

    Liked this car so much that I purchased another one. This time an 1989 car with only 56k on the clock and 18 dealer stamps in the book. Here they are side by side.
  11. Testing out the forge

    I purchased an anvil years ago, believe it or not was at a car boot sale. Big heavy bugger aswell! It took a lot to carry it back to the carpark.
  12. Belle mixer

    Heres a couple of videos of it running. Sorry for the clanking but im trying to clean out all the set Concrete from inside the drum. Its hunting a little in the videos, in order to improve the running I was going to order a new needle and seat plus a governor spring, unless anyone has any other thoughts?
  13. Who are you with.

    Im with bt, they really hacked me off too, so I got them to halve the line rental. The only good thing about being with bt is if there is a persistant fault then you can remind them that they own the line so insist that they sort it out. Prior to this I was with EE, I definatley wouldn't use them again! Kept telling me the fault was in my house and they wanted to charge me £100 to come out. Bt eventually tracked the fault down to the exchange but this took them 3 months!
  14. Belle mixer

    Been having a busy day with the wire brush in the grinder. Due to the rheumatism in my hands I can only use it in short bursts. Plus with the heat today there was smoke coming out of it at the end! The annoying thing is it only takes seconds and a bucket of water to remove the concrete when wet, yet Ive hours ahead of me. Been speaking to Titch and he reckons itll be no problem to reproduce some decals, and ive found a source of Belle Orange paint. I thought i'd try emailing Belle to see if they could give me any information about its age etc, but typical of a lot of big companies they didn't even bother responding after nearly a fortnight!
  15. Belle mixer

    Thanks Norm. It's been so long since I've done a Briggs that I'd forgotten how cheap they are to overhaul. This one only cost about £30 all in.