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  1. Stihl Cutquik TS 08

    I'd say go for it, before they become extinct. All the bits are still available and cheap if you go for non genuine or purchase an old chainsaw.
  2. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Just work methodically, with G206 I started with the gearbox as I knew it was almost terminal, (over £300 spent just on the berrings) then slowly did the rest of it. Took about 6 months of before and after work about 3 days a week. I never did find out why the engine was seized. Took it totally apart and couldn't see any issues, then after reassembly it started fine, - must of been some dirt or something in one of the berrings?
  3. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Here's some photos from when I timed up g206 the only difference is that it's a bth mag.
  4. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Here's a couple of shots I've found
  5. It did look awesome in the flesh, particularly with all the different attachments. Good luck with building the trailer. First place very well deserved.
  6. Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Hi pat, I've put all the info in a pm.
  7. Newbury tractor world

    Here they all are with Darren's.
  8. Newbury tractor world

    That'll have to come once I've done one, 20 year gaps will have to do for the next year or two.
  9. Newbury tractor world

    And heres the 4th machine. The idea is to show how little the design of the Gem changed over the years by having an example from the 1940's, 1960's and 1980's.
  10. Newbury tractor world

    It's always the same, you leave a couple of gems together and they breed, lol.
  11. Newbury tractor world

    3 out of my 4 machines ready for this show.
  12. Happy Birthday Stormin!

    Have a good un.
  13. Dowdeswell 650

    I think you must be mixing me up, lol., im Gareth. Ive got to admit whereas the Dowdeswell engine is less cluttered the bonnet on the Sachs has grown on me. (Probably because ive seen it every day in the workshop since January). I don't think the lack of fuel tank on the frame looks right on the 650,Guess its just what you get used to?
  14. Dowdeswell 650

    Just realised that I haven't updated this project in a while. With Tractorworld only a week away, heres where it stands at present. Just a bit of touching up todo with a few minor adjustments.
  15. Kubota 7100 1978 project

    From memory in 99% sure the same engine is used in the applied 414 pedestrian sweepers (Green machine), which can often be picked up for no money at ex council sales. May be easier to get a head from one of those?
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