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  1. Getting the 'Horse back on course

    I love the look of this tractor:)
  2. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Here is a video from my YouTube channle. My editing skills need work but I feel I did ok lol Have a look and see what you think
  3. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    I also gas the parts first which is pre heating the part for 20 mins this gets rid of any empurities in the metal.
  4. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Ah electrostacticy that's my dyslexia kicking in I use a very simple powder gun does not require any electric.it passes the powder through 2 ptfe plastic sheets which charges the powder rather than the old way of using 20,0000 volts at a very low ampage to charge the part. The gun only cost me 60 pound I think when powder coat peals away from the pannle it hasn't been cured properly or the metal was not clean and degreaser when the powder was a applied. My oven reached 180 decrees which is the perfect temp for powder which is roughly 400 faranhite:) bake for 20 mins .....longer with larger parts such as the cutting deck due the size it takes longer for the part to heat up.
  5. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Hello the electrostaticy is fantastic the powder is so flexible once cured. You can powder coat tin foil crumple it up ....unfortunately fold and the powdercoat is still intact. I didn't use Primer my alloys were done without Primer 5 years ago and still great and it's a lawning mower on a budget the powder I got of eBay roughly £15 per kg for simple colours. When you get into chrome and candies the price goes up. Withe the candy and chrome you also do 2 coats and the cure together to get some amazing colours and effects. This is the oven I made out of a old filing cabinet and a 99p cooker of eBay:)
  6. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Thank you its been a labour if love if I am honest I will be sorry to see it go I am glad you said it will last .....it runs really well I changes the sump gasket and also the crank seal yesterday along with a full service. It was leaking oil but it's dry as a bone now
  7. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Thank you for the info I will make sure not to over tension the belt. I will wait till the new belt arrives and see how that runs. Thanks for the link really helpful. I will also have a good look at the crank pulley Once again thank you all for your help
  8. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Struggling to find a part number but I am 99% sure it's the same as the countax deck. I will put a post in the wanted section .....you never know
  9. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    To be honest it's probibly the original belt I will replace it and see how it running. I am looking for some new bearing housings but I can't seem to find then anywhere online
  10. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Thanks for the reply'so guys the engine runs sweet with no vibration. It's only when the deck is engaged. The belts flap about like crazy I have tensioned it right up which calms it down a bit. I will have a look at the spindles on my days off. I did notice that 1 spindle was slightly harder to turn. Thinking about it this may be down to the bearing housing crushing slightly when I had it in the bearing press in work trying to get the old ones our......they were really stuck in there.
  11. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Well I have been in the garage all day trying to find the source of the vibration. I balanced the blades as the were out but still the vibration is their. I noticed the belt is really worn and is flat on the top edge. Also the belt tapers in spots. I have ordered a 69" belt for a 36" deck hoping this may solve the issue do you thinknow a worn belt would cause this vibration?
  12. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Thank you pal I will get on this in the morning
  13. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Lol yes the build quality was a bit iffy...I built my own powdercoating oven last month ...so this project was a great way to learn. I am suprised how easy it is :)The deck had a few holes but I welded them. The metal was quite pitted but still plenty of life left. Thanks I almost don't want to give it away
  14. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Cheers pal I have nearly finished it now I can see light at the end off the tunnel:) Hello thanks for the reply I haven't balanced the blades this is my first experience with any petrol lawn mower. How would I balance the blades:) Thanks for the reply that's great news . He never let's it get to long I was just hoping it would cut half decent
  15. Westwood gazelle w11 restoration project

    Hello all thanks for the coments sorry about the delay in replying I didn't get any notifications. I have just finished the deck and fitted it today. It shakes when I engage it. I have adjusted the tension and it's seems a little better ....any suggestions would get appreciated:)
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