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  1. Briggs model N with Bendix-Westinghouse compressor

    Here re some detailed diagrams from one of my vintage Briggs 291691 kits. Matt
  2. Briggs model N with Bendix-Westinghouse compressor

    If your unable to get the needle and seat sealing properly, the Briggs part # for the carburetor kit is 291691, and they are still available from Briggs, and aftermarket. Most of the modern kits don't have all of the proper parts for these old carburetors. However, the needle and seats they supply usually work ok, although they require bending a tab down on the float, because the needle in the kits is usually taller than oe. The main body gasket in the modern kits work well, although the venturi gasket supplied in them is not the correct one for our carburetors, but most the time, you don't have to replace that gasket. If you want a kit with all the correct parts, you have to buy one of the vintage Briggs kits like this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Vintage-Briggs-Stratton-Carburetor-Kit-Part-Number-291691-/151732059572?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2353ef7db4 Here are a few pics of the governor on a model N. Matt
  3. Briggs model N with Bendix-Westinghouse compressor

    I'm headed to work right now, but when I get home I'll get you some detailed pics of the governor assembly. A bad needle is fairly common on these little flowjet carbs. M
  4. Briggs model N with Bendix-Westinghouse compressor

    By the way. With your serial #113035, your Briggs was manufactured in March of 1943. Here is a link to the Briggs manufacture dates. http://www.asecc.com/data/briggs/data2.html Matt
  5. Briggs model N with Bendix-Westinghouse compressor

    You are a bit nutty Koen. Engine sounds solid, but, its flooding, and it sounded like it tried to over speed at the end. Have you tried twisting the fuel screw on the bottom of the carburetor in some? Also may want to check the governor. I really like it. Matt
  6. Briggs model N with Bendix-Westinghouse compressor

    The cranks on these kick start engines don't have a keyway Koen. They just have a hole drilled in them for the pulley set screw. Here is a picture of mine. Matt
  7. Briggs model N with Bendix-Westinghouse compressor

    That is awesome Koen, and I'm jealous! Parts for the Model N are still fairly easy to find if you need them. There is one thing you will need to take care of before running it for extended periods of time. Its missing the shield that wraps around the cylinder to circulate air all the way around for cooling. I like the early models like that one, as they use an oil pump instead of a dipper on the rod. I have a very similar engine to that one, except yours is a couple years older. Here is a pic of mine. Look forward to updates! Matt The last couple pics are of an original one, and it belongs to a friend of mine (Den).
  8. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    Yes, I do like them Ian. I've always loved engines Ian, and thy're always my favorite part of any restoration project, whether its my Wheel Horse's, Case, or even my work truck. So, it just made sense to me to start doing just engines. That way, I'm always working on my favorite part of the restoration! That, and these old engine don't empty my wallet as quickly as some projects. Matt
  9. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    I could very well be mistaken. There was an engine made by Cunningham here in the states back in the late 40's that was a near identical copy of the Briggs engines. The models were the Cunningham EA, and EB. From what I've been told (but I don't know for sure), Briggs sued Cunningham, and won, but those engines really were identical, with the exception of having a deeper shroud, and different fuel tank, and carburetor on one of the models. I'll try to dig up some pictures for you guys. Thanks Matt
  10. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    Thanks once again Wristpin! It really is amazing how close these engines are to the old Briggs. However, I think they may have made just enough changes that they didn't need Briggs's permission to build those engines. Thanks Again. Matt I'll send you a PM here shortly. Matt
  11. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    Thanks for those videos. That was really neat, but I will say this, he knows his Briggs engines about as well as I know my Suffolk (not very well) . The Briggs he was using was actually an early 40's Briggs WI. Let me know what you find on shipping, and I'm sure we could work things out. I don't know anyone with a Suffolk here in the States, and I would love to add one to my collection! I sure appreciate your help. Matt
  12. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    I would love to have one! However, I'm a bit unsure how high the price would be to ship one all the way over here to the US. Do you have any experience with this? Thanks I tried searching for that YouTube video, but haven't been able to find it yet. Matt
  13. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    Thanks, and they're really not to hard to find. Thats not my garden, its just the area behind my shop. I don't know what that is but, its indigenous to this area, and grows everywhere. While we're not in a drought right now, most years we are, and when all the grass dies, this stuff continues living. Matt
  14. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    I really appreciate those pictures! If you could do me a favor, and post a picture of the PTO side of one of these engines, I would appreciate that as well. The first time I ever saw one of those engines was here on MOM, not long after I joined. I knew as soon as I saw it, it was derived from the old Briggs cast iron 5, and 6 cu in. engines. I don't know what kind of a deal Suffolk had with Briggs, but it was great to see this design continued in use after Briggs stop making them. Do you know what years these were in production for? I like the way Suffolk added a oil dipstick to the design, and they certainly have a completely different design carburetor. I would love to get my hands on one of those engines, but I don't believe any of those made it over here. Once again, I really appreciate your post, and I look forward to seeing more pics. Matt
  15. Just Finished Another Old Engine (Pincor)

    Thanks Mark, I take that as a great compliment coming from you. You do amazing work. Matt
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