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  1. Darmic1

    Happy Birthday Darmic 1

    Thanks Guys!
  2. Darmic1

    Digging holes, How lazy

    They used those on the M3 all lanes running works..... A bloke got sucked into it...... killed him!
  3. Darmic1

    Howard Gem Jap Magneto

    Hi Pat, Gareth, S1G would be your man for this question!
  4. Darmic1

    Tractor World Autumn, Newbury

    Here's the pictures I took of the Horti bit! The 'Orange' corner exhibited by Gareth and Myself...... A single wheeled Barford Atom..... A Simar from 1926, virtually original........ My Landmaster Saturn mowers......Paul and Wendy's O&R display, with my 3 tagged on......My Atco's.......Farmer's Boy Light Tractor......Farmer's Boy Minor....... The Scrapyard Villiers........
  5. Darmic1

    Tractor World Autumn, Newbury

    I didn't see any???
  6. The Farmer's Boy did me proud over the weekend...... Giving me my first ever 'Win' at a show! 1st place in the Horticultural Class section and a very happy owner!
  7. Darmic1

    Newbury tractor world

    Some more pictures to come later, once loaded onto PC.....
  8. Darmic1

    Newbury tractor world

    All set up.....
  9. Darmic1

    Planet Junior seeder parts

    I don't get to any swap meets unfortunately..... If anyone does and finds the above bits, please buy them and let me know how much....... Thanks!!!
  10. Darmic1

    Newbury tractor world

    So, Is anyone other than Gareth, Paul and myself displaying or visiting this year???
  11. Darmic1

    Planet Junior seeder parts

    Hi all, I have a friend over in New Zealand who has got a small holding. He has a Planet Junior seeder that is being overhauled. Some parts are broken and has asked if I know of anyone who has these following bits spare???
  12. Decided to have a go at fitting the large plough wheels and the plough...... I have to say its flippin heavy, lifting the machine onto the offset ploughing axle! It's quite a beast once assembled!!!
  13. Fitted the Rotavator too, here's the pictures...... and took it for a drive....... https://youtu.be/kyUjDB3ISJ8
  14. Today was my 1st full day on the reassembly, and I was able to get lots of little jobs done. The pulley on the scythe mower was not a good fit to the rotary shaft and had a small wobble. I made a sleeve from some steel tube, slotted it to allow it to clamp tight. Drilled a hole for the clamp bolt and refitted pulley. Pleased to say the 'fix' worked. Next on the list was to measure for a chain to drive the Rotavator attachment and fit it. Also needed to replace a grub screw on the engine pulley which was chewed up before restoration...... Fitted the tool frame and Hoes 2 days ago, here's the picture of that......
  15. Love my ST, its the derv 2.2 powered version...... 40+ mpg driven like a loon, almost 60 on a run! But it seems to have a love affair with my £££'s tho...... Clutch, flywheel, rear suspension, crank pulleys and idlers, oh and tyres too!