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  1. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    In the Devon area.. you may know my brother who is also a member, DevonianRedneck.
  2. Mowett Mustang - help needed

  3. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    I had already considered using a press for the headlights likewise for the grills. However I am unaware what a bead roller is, I’ll have a look after this post. Although I am not sure if i would be able to get acces to these pieces of equipment. My school dose have a press and my teacher would/should let me use it. Thanks for the ideas, I’m defenatly going to look closer into getting the false Louvres.
  4. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Thanks, I’ll try and get in touch with Titch.
  5. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Throughout the last 3-4 days I had started to make and assemble a bonnet for my mower. I eyeballed the tamplate from genuine bonnets of the internet and matched it with my mower. After transferring it to metal and learning to weld and paint I’ve finally come to a product I’m happy with. Unfrotantly I haven’t been able to mimic the grills and headlights. However the Next step is the decals. Dose anyone have any recommendation to we’re I should get some? Thanks Elliot
  6. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Wow that looks outstanding! Incredable restoration and transformation 🙂. unfortantly I’m still looking for a bonnet, think I might have to atempt to make one! 👍👌
  7. Mowett mustang bonnet wanted

    Just bought a mowett Mustang in decent condition. Wanted to complete the look with a bonnet as it did not come with one. Thanks for viewing Elliot
  8. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Thanks, I’ll look forward to seeing them!
  9. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    Thank you, I will try to get in contact with him. Your machine looks grate with original tread! would love to see it when your finished. Thanks Elliot
  10. Mowett Mustang - help needed

    I have recently bought this mowett mustang, it starts first pull, it has been lightly modified to fit the previous owner, non the less I love it, but there’s just one problem... it has no bonnet. I have looked online but with parts being scarce I had no luck! If anyone knows of one for sale or even has one we’re they could note down dimension for me to make one from scratch that would be amazing. Thanks for your interest, Elliot
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