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  1. Removing a stuck main engine pulley shaft

    Yea i removed that bolt, tried a puller on it but it just seems to bend the pulley thats still attached. Heres a pic thanks
  2. Removing a stuck main engine pulley shaft

    Hi, its a Lawnflite 504 with a briggs and stratton 8hp engine Thanks
  3. Hi, im trying to remove the main engine pulley shaft as its broken but I cant get it off, its been on for 25 odd years so seems stuck in place. I have the engine out but just cant get it off :-( any tips? I could cut it off but wanted to try and save it if possible to take to a fabricator to see if it could be welded back together. My other idea if i cant get it off was this that i drew while at work do you think this will work? Or instead of that bolt going through the side, a better idea maybe is to get a longer main shaft bolt and washer to hold it all together? Forgot to mention the pipe i have to slot in is a nice tight fit
  4. MTD Lawnflite parts suppliers or breakers

    Thanks tried him but non sadly :-( Think i will take it to a fabricator to see if they can weld it back on as £100+ is close to what i paid for the full machine lol Hard part looks like getting the shaft off...... Thanks
  5. Engine only running on choke

    I will try get it to a machine / fabricator shop and see if they can repair it and balance it.... If I can get the shaft off the engine....
  6. Im looking for a supplier that can supply me part number 756-0391 which is a shaft that goes on the engine with the drive and cutter pulley wheels on as mines snapped :-( Its for a Lawnflite 504 if anyone knows someone breaking one :-) Thanks
  7. Engine only running on choke

    Hi, heres a image, its snapped where it meets the shaft :-( Thanks
  8. Engine only running on choke

    Got it running and cutting great and then snap, the metal drive pulley snapped clean off the shaft going to the engine!!!! Could this be welded back onto the shaft or will that off balance it? Thanks
  9. Engine only running on choke

    Hi, i posted 191707 6030-01 as the code. Thanks
  10. Engine only running on choke

    Yea, that's what i was thinking, burning oil Will get a one ordered, but £10 for a spring!! How can you adjust the max revs? Would that be by the govenor adjuster part? Thanks
  11. Engine only running on choke

    The smoke at max revs is more grey / blueish looking but back it off a notch and theres no smoke Just noticed The govenor link spring that goes over the throttle arm has snapped :-( Is the spring an import part?
  12. Engine only running on choke

    Thanks found this one on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Digital-Tachometer-Small-Engine-Non-contact/dp/B00HWLTW90/ref=sr_1_1?rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1527962133&sr=8-1&keywords=Laser+tachometer&refinements=p_76%3A419158031 Set it to a idle RPM that sounds like my push lawnmower for now. Only thing ive noticed is at full throttle it sort of sputters and puffs smoke out the exhaust, but knock the throttle back a notch or two its fine. But Maybe the missing carb gasket could be the problem for that...
  13. Engine only running on choke

    191707 6030-01 is the code I had a look today at it, looked at my eurocarparts clear filter and its already got dirt floating in it so decided to blow down the pipe, there was some resistance then no resistance so put the pipe back to the carb and the filter filled right up which looked like a highly improved flow started it and again revs hunting up and down :-( Next step I removed the carb and found - 1 - No gasket between the carb and head so just metal on metal.. 2 - big hole in the exhaust silencer (but guessing this would be just a noise issue and why its so loud rather than causing a running problem..) 3 - Probably the main cause of the complete problem, the High speed needle valve on the bottom of the carb was fully in!! Took it apart anyway while it was off and cleaned it out, some dirt but less than I thought Put it back together, set needle to 1.5 turns and idle needle to 1 turn and started it and it now runs without the choke, increased the revs but then it started bogging down and firing black smoke out (guessing too rich) so turned high speed needle in 1/4 turn and now revs to full revs but some blueish looking smoke starts to appear at full revs It says to set the idle RPM to 1750 rpm, how do you know when its at 1750rpm? Do you need a special tool for that? Thanks again Just waiting for the carb gasket to arrive as well..
  14. Engine only running on choke

    Thanks going to have a look on saturday when i have all day to mess around with it without rushing around Should I order any new carb gaskets / seals or just have a go cleaning and refitting it all first? Thanks
  15. Engine only running on choke

    Checked the flow this morning, pulled the fuel pipe off the carb and the fuel came running into the filter and out. Was going to blow down it but didnt want the taste of petrol before work lol.... Yea I think I will remove the filter and run without one until I get it running then fit the red briggs and stratton filter Thanks
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