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  1. Sorted :-) The engine with the £50 lawnflite had a running problem (only ran on choke) sorted that by cleaning all the blockages out the carb. Swapped the cutting gear over from the non runner and its going great. I even have all 6 speeds to select from instead of just speed 5 or 6 :-) The engine must be newer as it uses the two piece carb with only one adjuster needle instead of the one piece carb with two needles and it runs so much smoother and easier to setup I think. The old engine was puffing blue smoke at high revs this ones nice and smooth :-) Still going to look at getting the non runner going again but good to have two of the same mowers for spares
  2. Thanks I will add it to the todo list :-)
  3. Is it as easy as checking valve clearance on a classic mini with feeler gauges? Purchased a running Lawnflite 504 mower without cutting deck for £50 so should be sorted soon :-)
  4. Ok took carb apart and looked ok and put back together and still wouldn't run. Took the spark plug out (wish I did this first) and it was covered in black soot, cleaned it and it started and ran :-). Stupidly I thought I will try and adjust the carb settings as it was a little roughish sounding... Wish I just left it alone... Turned it a little and now not running again seems to be alot of fuel coming through the carb when trying to start and fuel vapour popping out the carb inlet. Can the adjustment needles become worn? Thanks
  5. Im guessing this tree is dead? Moved into the house 2 years ago and it doesn't seem to have done much... Bits snap off easy like its dry. Should I just cut it down? How does a tree just die? Could something affect the tree next to it? Thanks
  6. It was for a non fuel pump engine but maybe the filtration of it was poor... Still haven't had time to strip it lol I thought it was supposed to be red as well. I was going to order a 298090S filter on Amazon but it is White Briggs & Stratton 992350 298090S Fuel Filter https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016BXY078/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_4J2UCbWMXY6W9
  7. Dipstick smells ok and it also still cuts out on full throttle + choke. Going to pull the carb off and clean it out maybe i should use a genuine briggs fuel filter instead of a universal one... Thanks
  8. Thanks will try these ideas on the weekend. Im sure it bogs down and cuts out when on choke Thanks
  9. Got to the end of my cutting day and my Lawnflite 504 cut out. Tried starting it and it would idle then die when I apply throttle. Took the filter off and started it and when I applied throttle it would make like misty puffs of Im guessing fuel vapour then die and inside the carb walls they are wet with fuel Does it sound like I have sucked dirt into the carb and need to strip / rebuild it? I noticed when it was working the smoke from the exhaust was a little bluey looking at max throttle Thanks
  10. Gave it a quick sharpen and seems to cut alot better but had a problem towards the end of my mowing that I have started a new thread for :-)
  11. Thanks got it off will have a go at sharpening
  12. Thanks had a look but all the bolts look untouched from the 80's and not wanting to budge. I got the main centre bolt out but the disc is stuck solid Might be easier removing the deck to attack them easier do you think? from the looks of it the deck is held on by just some R clips is this correct or am I missing something? Thanks
  13. Is there a special way to sharpen them? Eg a certain angle or as long as they sort of follow the original angle would that be ok? I remember sharpening a garden shredder blade that was blunt but still working sort of ok, i made it nice and sharp and it would shred anything... Thanks
  14. Is it possible to replace the disc with 8 blades on to just a single blade? I think my blades are blunt as they seem to just flatten the grass but there's 8 at £15 each! Thanks
  15. Nice i need one of these :-) what sort of price do they sell for?
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