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  1. Thanks Wristpin - I have checked the axle and bush again on the Hayter 21 and there is 36 thou between the exterior radius of the axle and the inside diameter of the bush. Do you know what the correct difference should be? The part number for the O ring is very helpful and I am trying to order one. I will try to adhere to your list of essentials and look forward to being dragged along as I had to physically help the mower along last week for 3 hours to get a job done (before the inevitable prolonged rains appear!). I have looked again at the Osprey chain and it looks like you were right Richard. I could not see a split retaining cotter using a light and mirror so I hacksawed through the half link, but looking closer at the back of there does appear to be provision for one although nothing came off (or I did not see it if it did!) when I removed the chain which is indeed 1/2"". There was no O ring on either the 21 or the Osprey so I am trying to order one.
  2. Hi again Richard, I tried to message you but the System would not let me add photos so I have put them here. This is the chain on my Osprey axle.
  3. I wondered why...

    Its not very often you can say the earth shook when you're retired!
  4. Thank you all once again - I would be lost without your help and advice! I had forgotten I do have an axle from an old Osprey and will have a look at it in the faint hope that any of the parts are usable. I can see the removeable link now that Richard has pointed it out - the Sun must have been in my eyes when I took the photo!
  5. Having spent some time getting the engine to start easily, I found that I had poor drive to the wheels and suspected the clutch needed adjusting as the 'wheel drive belt' seemed OK. I removed the wheel, hub and chainguard and after removing the Hub (photo2) I found what appeared to be two worn grinder disks (photo 1) which are not shown in the Spare Parts Book. I am wondering if these should be there or whether they are the result of a 'cowboy fix' in the past. I addition the Drive Chain is filthy and I need to remove it and clean it but cannot see a revvable link or how otherwise to remove and refit it. Any help would be most appreciated.
  6. New use for old Kitchen Unit

    Excellent work as usual Richard. Its made me think what I can use my similar sliding lid winebox for!
  7. The screw arrived and is fitted. I did try to measure the thread, without success and then saw the accompanying note.
  8. Thanks for searching your stock and for your kind offer Richard. Having looked at the Link you sent and upon reflection I thought it would be preferable to install 6 new ball bearings so I ordered 10.
  9. No Richard , you didn't misunderstand, when I started the topic I had searched without success for a screw in the UK and was still looking for one. As it happened, the first reply to the Topic was from Wristpin who said that there was one such screw available at Adamsons. When I learnt that Adamsons had one and only one I immediately ordered it and am awaiting delivery. I am anxious to get a screw because I need to mow a paddock before the grass gets too long. I will revisit my Vernier and check my measurement, but I would still like a sixth ball bearing if you do locate one. Regards.
  10. Firstly, thankyou Wristpin for directing me to the one in stock which I have ordered. As regards the ball bearings the Manual is silent so Richard may be right in that it's pot luck how many each engine has. I didn't remove the clutch cover, it just fell off and whilst I do not believe I lost a bearing I cannot be absolutely sure. However I will be closely following Richard's advice in the LINK he gave as regards cleaning and reassembly of the clutch. Turning to Richard's post, I realise I should have said that my engine is a vertical shaft. His photo clearly shows how the Horizontal shaft differs from the vertical shaft in this respect. When the screw arrives I will be able to measure it and I may then find that it is something that is available from a hardware stockist, although I am hoping the new screw will not 'disappear' like the old one, because I will be applying Loctite to it when I install it! Despite investing in a good second-hand Rabone Chesterman dial Vernier, I am still not very practiced in its use and when I measured one of the bearings I got it to 312 thousands of an inch which seems somewhat short of 3/8 of an inch so perhaps my bearings are considerably worn (or my measurement is useless!).
  11. Can anyone help me please with the dimensions of the above part or, even better supply me with the part. It is a shoulder screw (about an inch long) which holds the pivot for the Governor lever link. I haven't been able to locate one in the UK and whilst they are available in America the postage is astronomical (for a single screw). Also the starter rewind assembly seems to have space for 6 ball bearings but there are only five. Do I need six? I forgot to state my engine number which is 130902 0228-01 75091910
  12. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    Thank you for the advice to check the sprocket as well.
  13. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    Thanks for your reply Headexam. I have cleaned the clutch and replaced it but not tried it. I will give it a try and if the problem is still there I will have another look at the spacing with a view to replacing the parts you suggest.
  14. Skilshop Chainsaw Clutch

    Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. I now know how to remove the clutch and hopefully a good clean will solve the problem.
  15. I have a Skilshop chainsaw model 1712 -Type 3 (see photo 1) and although the engine runs the chain does not cut well and slows down during use. I previously asked HeadExam for advice and he suggested it might be either the sprocket in the guidebar or the clutch. The guidebar sprocket moves freely so I think the problem may be the clutch. Having removed the cover I am stuck as I do not know how to remove the clutch for inspection. As can be seen in photo 2 there is a very thin hexagon nut on the clutch with a directional arrow and I do not know whether this unscrews or the clutch needs to be removed with a puller. Can anyone help please?
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