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  1. Bedford HA Van

    That looks a nice clean van Andrew, a tad of rust on one wing, but nice and clean.. What's the plans engine wise? Plenty of space to put something a bit bigger than the original

    Happy birthday James, here's wishing you a great day
  3. Yesterday was spent cleaning and painting the engine.. Once the radiator and mountings plus the carbs were off the engine looked a lot smaller.. And a lot cleaner after lots of time with wire brushes on a drill Parts like the fan shroud were very rusty.. But after a lot of cleaning, priming and top coating it looked good along with the radiator.. And the radiator/front engine mount thingy. The engine looks quite good too
  4. Wheelhorse D200

    A couple of D-200 vids for you guy's... Enjoy
  5. Thanks Alan, yeah he doesn't normally move that fast.. I think he was only after my coffee You enjoy it Thanks Norm, getting small bloke working was the hard part.. Progress has been a tad slow, but MadTrax now has front shocks fitted.. All I had to do was chop an inch odd from the springs, change the top mounts on the shocks and move the shock mountings up a bit on the frame!
  6. Latest addition to the herd

    That's a great find Harry, looks like a very capable and fun machine I may well be the only one thinking like this but I prefer the look without the rear bodywork.. If it were mine I'd fit some arches and a panel to go under the seat rather than find the original bodywork... I think I just don't like the shape of it.. But that's just me
  7. Thanks to Nigel I now have a nice pair of Spax adjustable coil over shocks... Shorten the springs a little bit and some new top mounts on the frame and they should work
  8. 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban

    You have to watch your head in Nigel's workshop, I keep walking in to red hanging things... Luckily for Nigel the bit's I walk into are already dry
  9. The answer is.... Undoing the bolt Richard It's been a shocking few days.. Not just pulling the front shocks apart for cleaning and painting, but it's been shocking to see the state of them! One shock leaks and has a cracked collar which holds the base of the spring in place, the other does not leak but has the same busted collar.. Oh and the springs are slightly different heights! That would be new shocks needed then!!! Reeling from the state of the shocks I thought I would cheer myself up and have a look at the front brakes and hubs.. The front brakes didn't work but looking at them I'd guess it was more down to air in the system and bad adjustment than knackered brakes.. I will test the cylinders and adjusters before putting them back in.. Of course most parts were covered in mud and surface rust... Not any longer A few satin black parts about the place A random rear shock of unknown parentage that Nigel had sitting on a shelf.. If a second one can be found then that might be the front end sorted.. Oh, and a parcel containing 3 large green sheets turned up yesterday..... I'm sure they will come in handy
  10. Thanks Joseph, please spread the word Most of yesterday was spent filming this, that and the other but I did find time to start cleaning the rear axle/swing arm... Here's just a small amount of the 14 year old mud that was stuck between the diff and the diff guard! The mess that was the inside of the diff guard.. Me thinks it maybe past it's best! The bolts holding the diff guard in place were very chewed up and no sockets or spanners would shift them.... Sometimes ye olde tools work best though A few parts arrived yesterday... Two upper ball joints, one lower and new swing arm bearings... Struggling to find a second lower ball joint though!
  11. Thanks Iain, the suspension arm did need the strengthening for peace of mind if nothing else. Ahh, the next vid.... It's going to be entertaining for sure, a lot of extra camera work and editing.. Thanks Joseph for me, tell him to continue spreading the word Thanks Richard, yeah the subs on MooTube are a laugh.. They can't get it quite right Well the lower arms have had the treatment and are now a lot stronger too..
  12. Morning all, after a short break from MadTrax to build the camera panning jig thingy I'm back on the case now.. With the frame painted it's time to start on the smaller parts, starting with these nice crusty A arms.. After thinking for a while I decided the best way to clean the crud off was to use one of these....... Well, use a Hoover as dust extraction for my blasting cabinet Unfortunately, due to the cabinet beings so small and bad arthritis in my shoulders the pain got too much after just a min's use, so I had to clean the A arms up the old fashioned way with a wire cup brush on the grinder! The very shot ball joints in the upper A arms came out without to much of a fight.. The lower ball joints however refuse to come out despite plenty of WD40 and huge amounts of pressure in the vice.. I think I'm going to have to grind the base of the ball joints away and try and bash them up through the A arm rather than down as normally would be done.. I'm sure my 12 ton hydraulic press is going to some in handy Four (mostly) cleaned up A arms waiting a few mods.. With the A arms having quite a bit of rust pitting I don't 100% trust the strength of them especially as they will have to cope with a lot more power and forces.... So template time it was. Which turned into a couple of these.. One of which fit's in here.. I didn't like the look of the inside straight bit, so something had to be found I could draw around to give a nice gentle curve. You can also see the lip welded to the underside of the strengthening plate to er... Strengthen it Fully welded up and hit with some Red Oxide.... I think they should be strong enough now and will hardly notice after a coat or two of satin black And so onto the lower A arms.......
  13. First snow of the year

    That looks very picturesque Mark, good photo of the Landy.. It's a good job those sheep in the last photo are dark in colour or they would never be seen in the snow
  14. Ouch!! Glad your ok mate, that must of been a hell of a fright!
  15. Evening all, I have started a little project that I have been meaning to do for a long time, a panning camera jig thingy.. This should make my videos look more professional and hopefully make them more enjoyable for you all to watch... The first part needed was the gearbox out of this very old and abandoned kiddies electric car.. I forgot to get a photo of the gearbox so here's a pic of what remained of the car when I'd finished cannibalizing it. While dumping the remains of the car on the rubbish pile I thought I'd have a quick look at the scrap pile... Hhmm... Those tubes could come in handy Back in the workshop some choppy weldy later, a 8 inch wide tubular track was made. Now I needed something to roll along the track, a sliced up cart axle and some used bearings got things rolling.. Yes I did commit the sin of welding the bearings to the axles, but the bearings feel the same as before the welding so hopefully all will be well. Something to mount the camera would be handy, so an old tripod got the chop. To motorize the contraption I am using a CB radio power pack, a New Holland tractor wiper motor and the speed control gubbins from a rechargeable drill that has knackered battery's. The two axles were joined together by using a cut down New Holland tractor wiper motor bracket which just happened to have the right size hole to fit the tripod cut off. As you can see the wiper motor isn't fully fitted yet. The idea is the wiper motor slowly winds a length of string onto a shaft and pulls it along the track.. The speed control does work but the motor does make some squealing sounds at slower speeds.. Something to have a think about.. I will add the electric car gearbox to slow things really down whilst doing time lapse filming. I hope to have it all fully finished and tested tomorrow, so stay tuned
  16. Panning camera jig thingy

    A short test video for you.. If it looks lumpy that's Potatobucket videos for ya.. Click on the pic... Oh, I guess PB can't handle wide screen!
  17. Panning camera jig thingy

    Evening all, time for a long overdue update on this camera panning jig thingy, and quite a lot has changed.. But first.. You saw the masking tape template of the part I forgot to photograph, well here's the part finally photographed.. Screws go though the cog and screw into captive threads in the 6 sided er... boss which is welded to the shaft. It has been re-welded since this photo was taken.. With the winding shafts sorted so they run parallel with each other the whole lot was welded to one end of the rails. The other end got a pulley.. One of the shafts was then taken back off for some serious strengthening and a few guiding washers. The green garden string I had bought was useless and kept breaking, so I tried some thin fencing wire which I happened to have kicking about the place. The system worked just fine for panning along side to side though the fencing wire was starting to develop lots of little kinks.. So I thought I'd best try things up and down.. Yes I was in position to catch the video camera should anything fail and gravity makes things plummet during testing.. These two photo's were taken in record time As the electric motor at the time was 12 volt, it made it easy to try it out outside.. With it back on the bench for more testing the thin fencing wire decided it had had enough of having lots of little kinks forced onto it and showed it by snapping! I also wasn't that happy with how the pulleys worked. The ultra slow side of things was really ultra slow like the camera moved 1 ft every 20 mins sort of ultra slow! The New Holland tractor wiper motor made all sorts of squealing sounds when it's speed was turned down and it would of been a pain in the 'orse to have to disconnect the drive wire/string from one pulley shaft to another to get different speeds... Sooooo, a rethink was needed... Hidden under the yellow rag (which is wrapped around to try and quieten gear noise a bit) is the 18 volt motor from the rechargeable drill that gave up it's speed controls. It powers the kiddys electric car gearbox to turn a single shaft which is now held up one end by a bearing and plate that came from a Webb cricket pitch mower years ago.. It pays to throw nothing away As you can see the whole thing is now rubber mounted to the rails to reduce the amount of running sounds the camera picks up. A big thank you to Matt for donating some strong fishing line to the cause, it now winds both ways on the shaft, so when one side is winding in the other is winding out. The speed control is a work of art and is more than worthy of the two photo's it's getting As I am using the trigger speed control from the 18 volt rechargeable drill I needed to find an accurate way of applying pressure of varying amounts to the trigger and keep it there.. The easiest way I could think of was a clamp of some sort.. Like the exhaust clamp with a bit ground out to fit the trigger.. Just tighten the nuts to increase the speed. A washer was welded on to house a master on off switch Power is now supplied by this 18.5 volt HP power pack that I found in a box in the workshop.. No idea where or when I got it, but it has come in handy So with everything finally ready to go, the jig thingy was put in a position up high, video camera clamped in place on the carriage and the comical electrical system plugged in... It was at the point I managed to knock a stand which was holding up one end and it all came crashing down with a loud bang! Nigel and Matt came running to see if I'd done anything nasty, but soon hastily retreated once they saw me stomping about the place swearing a lot! Somehow my video camera didn't get broken, not even a scratch, but the jig thingy did need some repairs! One of which was to repair the end of the winding shaft which had had a threaded end sheered off! To make the shaft long enough again I had to lengthen it.. It was at this point I had an idea and left the shaft over length for another idea.. More on that when it happens. So does the camera panning jig thingy work? Well, here's a couple of snaps after some successful testing, but your going to have to wait until the next MadTrax video to see the results
  18. 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban

    Evening all, a few photo's of Nigel's exhaust repairs.. Starting with a bit of pipe. A bit of beating... Taking shape. You can just about make out the "holes circles" in this photo.. Snip snip. Some welding and quite a bit of drill later.. The welds around the side still need a bit more grinding back in this photo. Old verses new.. I know which one looks better
  19. Happy Birthday Koen.

    A slightly late Happy Birthday Koen, I hope you had a good day with lot's of Wheel Horse or lathe pressies
  20. Not our normal sort of stuff on MOM, but it is a machine and it is old.... A very cool story and a nicely edited video..
  21. Typical

    Oops! we all have those "moments" once in a while.... I think I'd attack it with a grinder but just enough to get the clearance on the lathe you need.
  22. Overflow

    The green sheets almost blend in Chris, you just need to change the far one for a lighter in colour model and Pam will never see them or know..... Until she walks into them of course
  23. If you go down to the woods today

    Some nice shaped logs there Chris, the real Knobbly one would look cool carved out as an ashtray.. Rustic looking and useful
  24. Garden tidy up and playtime

    I miss being able to use my Wheel Horses for work like that, these day's I don't even own a trailer! Speaking of trailers, be careful with the weight you put in the Saxon, or your end up banana-ing it like I did with mine.
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