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  1. Not a great deal to report as I've not been up the workshop apart from a few hours Friday where my body needed a break from all the festive sitting around! Trying to follow a wiring diagram on a smart phone (printer out of ink) was interesting but I did manage to remove a few more un-needed wires from the loom... It's starting to look less frightening now Just before silly season hit I pulled the gauges out of a box to finish them off.. The glass "eyebrow"/top/bit that actually holds the gauges in (the pods were make from ride on mower headlamps remember) needed a little something to stop them from flying apart during high speed jumps/crashes (delete according to taste/fear/bravery). A bit hard to see from this photo snatched from video footage, but there is a small Allen key bolt that screws through a hole in the lip thingy into a threaded insert welded to the pod body. Gauge pod body's and trim/eyebrow top ring thingys hit with the black stuff.. To finish this update off here's the latest MadTrax video where I play around some more with special effects and a few sound effects as well.. I even do some work on MadTrax
  2. Beware of Auction Site Shipping Programmes

    It's a shame the deck drive never turned up Richard, but it's good news about all your money being returned
  3. Thanks mate, by the time she's all black she should be able to lurk in the shadows without being seen Thanks Iain, the wiring isn't too bad really. Most of it makes sense.... I need to get a wiring diagram for the wires that don't
  4. Happy birthday Darmic 1

    Happy birthday Darmic, here's wishing you a good day
  5. Happy Birthday Henry.

    Happy birthday Henry, have a good day
  6. History repeating itself

    A lot less mud than last year, great photo Mark

    Looks like you both had a fun day in the woods... I bet the weather was a bit of a shock for Karl seeing as he had just got back from a holiday in warmer climates
  8. Billy Goat.

    That's good news Norm, I look forward to the vid of Billy running. I've never seen one in action. That's quite a selection of pullers
  9. Wheelhorse D200

    The near side exhaust is the correct one, the other side has a large pepper pot silencer!
  10. Thanks Iain, glad you like the extra "silliness" in the vid... I wasn't sure how people would take to it.. The full size Nigel spends most of he's time sitting down, if the small bloke had a chair nothing would ever get done Before the engine could go back in there was a slight frame mod to do.. As the shock mounts had been moved up.. The strengthening bar between them also got moved up.. Engine in, thanks for your help today Rob should you be reading this. I just need to finish sorting out the rat's nest of a wiring loom! Yesterday all the front end parts had a session with some rattle cans. A spring looking good in black.. Well, it did look good until I noticed how much I had missed on the other side.. Spring can be a right pain to paint! The front end bolted back on.. The good thing with painting everything satin black is I can just spray over any pain chips without having to mask anything up
  11. Bedford HA Van

    That looks a nice clean van Andrew, a tad of rust on one wing, but nice and clean.. What's the plans engine wise? Plenty of space to put something a bit bigger than the original

    Happy birthday James, here's wishing you a great day
  13. Yesterday was spent cleaning and painting the engine.. Once the radiator and mountings plus the carbs were off the engine looked a lot smaller.. And a lot cleaner after lots of time with wire brushes on a drill Parts like the fan shroud were very rusty.. But after a lot of cleaning, priming and top coating it looked good along with the radiator.. And the radiator/front engine mount thingy. The engine looks quite good too
  14. Wheelhorse D200

    A couple of D-200 vids for you guy's... Enjoy
  15. Thanks Alan, yeah he doesn't normally move that fast.. I think he was only after my coffee You enjoy it Thanks Norm, getting small bloke working was the hard part.. Progress has been a tad slow, but MadTrax now has front shocks fitted.. All I had to do was chop an inch odd from the springs, change the top mounts on the shocks and move the shock mountings up a bit on the frame!
  16. Latest addition to the herd

    That's a great find Harry, looks like a very capable and fun machine I may well be the only one thinking like this but I prefer the look without the rear bodywork.. If it were mine I'd fit some arches and a panel to go under the seat rather than find the original bodywork... I think I just don't like the shape of it.. But that's just me
  17. Thanks to Nigel I now have a nice pair of Spax adjustable coil over shocks... Shorten the springs a little bit and some new top mounts on the frame and they should work
  18. 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban

    You have to watch your head in Nigel's workshop, I keep walking in to red hanging things... Luckily for Nigel the bit's I walk into are already dry
  19. The answer is.... Undoing the bolt Richard It's been a shocking few days.. Not just pulling the front shocks apart for cleaning and painting, but it's been shocking to see the state of them! One shock leaks and has a cracked collar which holds the base of the spring in place, the other does not leak but has the same busted collar.. Oh and the springs are slightly different heights! That would be new shocks needed then!!! Reeling from the state of the shocks I thought I would cheer myself up and have a look at the front brakes and hubs.. The front brakes didn't work but looking at them I'd guess it was more down to air in the system and bad adjustment than knackered brakes.. I will test the cylinders and adjusters before putting them back in.. Of course most parts were covered in mud and surface rust... Not any longer A few satin black parts about the place A random rear shock of unknown parentage that Nigel had sitting on a shelf.. If a second one can be found then that might be the front end sorted.. Oh, and a parcel containing 3 large green sheets turned up yesterday..... I'm sure they will come in handy
  20. Thanks Joseph, please spread the word Most of yesterday was spent filming this, that and the other but I did find time to start cleaning the rear axle/swing arm... Here's just a small amount of the 14 year old mud that was stuck between the diff and the diff guard! The mess that was the inside of the diff guard.. Me thinks it maybe past it's best! The bolts holding the diff guard in place were very chewed up and no sockets or spanners would shift them.... Sometimes ye olde tools work best though A few parts arrived yesterday... Two upper ball joints, one lower and new swing arm bearings... Struggling to find a second lower ball joint though!
  21. Thanks Iain, the suspension arm did need the strengthening for peace of mind if nothing else. Ahh, the next vid.... It's going to be entertaining for sure, a lot of extra camera work and editing.. Thanks Joseph for me, tell him to continue spreading the word Thanks Richard, yeah the subs on MooTube are a laugh.. They can't get it quite right Well the lower arms have had the treatment and are now a lot stronger too..
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