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  1. Push cylinder mower

    Isn't it amazing what a squirt of WD40 and a wipe with a cloth can do
  2. Push cylinder mower

    Thanks for that Hillsider, I'm not up on cylinder mower
  3. Hi all, I have this galvanized steel pipe taking up space in my workshop, I'm never going to use it so it must go. 3mm wall thickness, 75mm diameter, over 50ft in total. Oh, and the galvanization is very thick so they should outlast most of the planet I was going to build a lathe bench with it so it has been cut into handy lengths. 2 X 8 ft 6 inches, one of which has a slight bend 2 X 8ft 4 X 6ft 2 X 4ft 6 inches. A couple of them as you can see have a few welding marks which will easily grind off. Use them to build a car port, heavy duty washing line pole, or even use them to build the ultimate spud gun Collection from Hawkhurst, Kent. I'm not quite sure what this is worth so let's start at £100 and you can barter me down a bit
  4. SIP MIgMate 100 SOLD

    As part of my spring clean (well it has been nice weather today ), my old Mig welder needs to go as I no longer use it. It's good on thin metal, not quite so good on the thicker stuff.. Ideal for bodywork welding. It comes with a custom made trolley that I made a few years ago. Needs an earth clamp. Collection from Hawkhurst, Kent. £50 anyone?
  5. Blasting Cabinet SOLD

    As handy a thing as this is to have I really can't use it any more due to arthritis in my shoulder, it just hurts to darn much It's had a bit of use as you can see, it comes with a couple of those clear sheets you stick on the inside of the clear lid and change once in a while, the mesh stand thingy fits inside, I have taken it out to get larger things in. I have put an extra vent in the right side of the casing for dust extraction. It also comes with what ever crushed glass media is inside.. I can empty it out if you want I will even throw in my "12 volt, twin pc fan extractor, part bike exhaust" thingy if you want it Collection from Hawkhurst, Kent. £40
  6. Having a bit of a spring clean and thought I'd sell a few WH parts I'm not likely to use.. A bit of a mixed bag from different models and years, things like a Raider/C series battery tray, fuel tank from an unknown model,a couple of lifting arms, belt guard from who know what Oh, and a engine cover from a Kohler Magnum 16. I will let the picture do the talking. When I get the chance to sort them there will be a second job lot of WH parts, just don't ask me what's in it yet as I won't know until I have a look. Collection from Hawkhurst, Kent. £40 or make me an offer.
  7. This wasn't a planned thing, but as we had 5 Wheel Horses in our workshop we thought it would be nice to see them all lined up
  8. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Some machines just like to fight you, and the RJ has picked the very last stage to er.. Pick a fight! With the fuel tank sealed up inside and painted, and the carb passing the leak test before it was installed the time had come to fire the RJ up and have a drive/adjust the shifter linkage.. I'm not sure if he didn't like coming off the bench or is just scared of being at ground level but the fighting started! Problems with the pull start not being able to keep hold of the end of the cable and the re-coil wasn't! Cable and re-coil eventually sorted only now the jaws bit that grabs hold of a hexagonal shaft on the engine wasn't grabbing any longer! When the pull start is off the engine it works fine, but once fitted!! Sometimes walking away is the best option and go back to the problem with a fresh head.. Which will be happening tomorrow.. The dull weather makes the paint look darker than it actually is.. I almost forgot!!!
  9. Work Horse

    Very nice for the price
  10. C120 Putting on the Pounds

    Nice work Chris, I like the contrast between the freshly painted wheel and Bap's faded oiled bodywork Are you going to paint the front wheels and wheel weights?
  11. The showman has a senior moment

    A cool find Chris, sometimes it's nice to have a break from "The Red" and do something different..
  12. Wheelhorse signs

    " polished to a mirror finish "... That's a bit of an understatement to say the least Very shiny indeed.. Great signs Neil, looking forward to seeing where you hang them.. Dare I ask how much they cost you? One would look great hanging above my workshop doors
  13. Pennsylvania Panzer

    A very nice machine, not something we see over here at MOM so thanks for posting it Tank I love the shape of the front axle, the wheel camber looks a bit radical! Can I suggest you fit your grandson with longer legs so he can reach the pedals and sit on the seat at the same time
  14. Wheel Horse C-195

    Very nice
  15. Wheel mod.

    Nice work Norm, yeah cleaning wheels up has to rank as one of the worst WH jobs to do!! I had clearance problems when I fitted the big AG's to my ole 312 years ago.. Had to raise the fender pan by an inch and cut n shut the foot plates to make the tyres fit.. The wheels look great by the way
  16. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Thanks Iain, it was painted with enamel. Neil's RJ is so close to being done I can almost taste the first test drive A few detail jobs, the points cover was missing a gasket so I had to make one... The exhaust was missing a clamp and little doo dat that clamps between the exhaust and frame... Sorted The foot pegs didn't have the optional? foot rest thingys (I don't even know if RJ's could be ordered with them?) so Nigel put some rubber shrink wrap stuff over the pegs to give a bit of grip and stop the paint wearing away. Sorry Neil, a change of plan for the wheels... We thought gold would look much better and Nigel had all these cans of wheel paint kicking around you see.......... Only kidding A second coat is needed at this point.. As is first coating the other side Wheels second coated and bolted back on...... I can't help but grin every time I look at the RJ
  17. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Yesterday the little RJ started going back together, lift cable first followed by the engine. I put a couple of bit's of inner tube on the frame before dropping the engine on.. It makes it easy to line the bolt holes up and stops the frame getting scratched while moving the engine about. Cleaning out the grease nipples in a little petrol Pulleys and drive belts on. Front axle and steering on. The crowning moment..... The tank isn't fixed under the hood yet, but we just had to have a look Not much left to do, the paint for the wheels and the fuel tank sealant should arrive tomorrow, and I need to sort the carb out now the rebuild kit has arrived..
  18. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Really moving on with the RJ rebuild now, the frame has been cleaned up, primered and the underside has been top coated hence why the frame is on it's side Is this strange two part valve arrangement a USA thing? We had never seen it before! It turns out that the strange two part valve is to make it easier to ballast the tyres. Thank you Evanloock on RS for the answer Top coat time, Meanwhile I find this old WH rear wheel with bolts welded through from the outside (not by me I should add)... Makes a perfect tool to hole the RJ's front wheel for a clean up. Note the crack in the paint... Well, the crack is actually in filler!! Someone did like the ol bondo in the past! And to bring this build thread up to date, lot's of freshly painted panels and parts
  19. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Glad your enjoying the build Neil, how could we not do a thread when there are so few RJ's over here... It gives me something extra to make a few video's about as well More progress.. Getting the knackered tyre off the front wheel rim was fun, the tube put up more of a fight than the tyre! Does anyone know what the random hole in the wheel rim is for? It doesn't seem to line up with anything on the RJ and I'd of thought it would have two holes for bolting a wheel weight onto! I wondered why the paint off the bottom of the gas tank had been stripped, someone has done a solder repair.. What's Nigel spotted in the tank? Nope, it's not a mini star system but quite a few holes instead! Some detail brought back by cleaning up the pull start casing.. Cleaning up the rear wheels.. Someone at some point had flattened the paint back to a beautiful smooth finish and then for what ever reason gave them a quick (very quick) spray with grey primer.. The odd rusty bit cleans up very easily The other rear wheel decided it wanted to leak water on my bench! 10psi later and water was pouring/bubbling out all over the place! I'm not looking forward to popping the tyre off the bead to clean the water out and see how badly rusted it is inside! I must remember to take a photo of the tyre valve tomorrow as I've never seen one like it! A hint of things to come Not forgetting of course
  20. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    More of an RJ update for you chaps, let's have a look at the hood/bonnet shall we.. Interesting, a repainted gas tank with no fuel tap (Neil did mention it leaked ) and lot's of paint cleaned off the bottom! What's going on under (or is that above?) the tank? Soooooo... Someone has ground back the filler smoothing out the underside of the hood/bonnet to weld on new fuel tank straps! I'd guess when the hood was painted no tank straps were fitted.. It so happen that the strap welds are in the same place as the filler cracks above! Who ever did it thought something sucked as that's what it looks like has been written! No idea why when I upload this photo it turns it sideways! Oh, and the top of the tank never got painted! Out with the grinder and a workshop full of filler dust later it was good to see the rust was surface rust only, and only where the filler had cracked... And a random pop rivet! As the bonnet/hood has quite a lot of ripples under the filler, there was no point in taking it all out only to replace it.. So with the surface rust carefully cleaned back to bare metal the first layer of filler went back in.. Easy sand no pin holes filler eh! At least the easy sand bit was right.. No worries, a second skim will sort it. Meanwhile I catch Nigel dancing with some masking tape and a bench full of RJ parts! Some parts like the gear (I'm not sure it should be called that!) lever had never be repainted, so here it is with all the thick surface rust cleaned off awaiting some red oxide primer. Some parts in the "need to to have the paint flattened back to give the primer a good key" Que Some primed parts hanging about the place. The hood now looks good with a fresh coat of red oxide primer, I'm happy with the overall shape of my filler work, there's a just a couple of little spots that are annoying me.. I will sort them tomorrow.
  21. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Paint chat now had, he (I keep going to call him her!) will look stunning with fresh paint. Glad you like the vid's, Part two will be along in a mo.. It's a shame about the cracked filler, but the rust has been caught in time before it chews holes through the hood.. Lot's of filler in it, but it had been done to a very high standard.. Just a shame about the bubbling. As promised here's Part 2 of the RJ Diaries..
  22. 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban

    A few photo's of the hood, fenders etc after they were painted Monday.. They be looking good
  23. This RJ turned up at the workshop today

    Speak with you tomorrow Neil, it's been a long day! Here's a couple of pic's of what's hiding under the filler bubbles on the hood!
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