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Honda MadTrax V Twin Quad.. A light and lot's of lathe work

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On 07/03/2018 at 5:09 PM, Stormin said:

You must have the patience of a saint, Ian. :D


Nah, I just don't like making things easy for myself :lol:


Back to the rear light and I needed some sheet steel to make it from.
This will do..





Yes it came from our old tumble drier and still has some fluff on it to prove it :D





A grinder with a 1mm disc was used to cut the long slices, a sharpened screwdriver (yes it was a very old one of which I have many) was used to chop the ends out.

No idea why certain photo's like to turn the wrong way!





Lot's of time spent with a file later and the lens almost fits.





Time to bend the edges round, wanting a nice curve some bar stock was used for beating around.





Ta-Daa. :D







A lens check.





"Let there be light" :D





And held in postion.



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It was at this point my hands were not too happy about beating and shaping metal, so I thought I do something less hand straining on the lathe..


This UJ was part of the drive system when I thought lot's of UJ's were a good idea!





The problem is I had also welded a splined bit inside one end, and the said splined bit fit's the splined shaft that comes out the bike gearbox!





It's a shame to chop a UJ up, but when needs must..

Here's what's left of the UJ on the lathe having just broken through one end so I can get to the splined bit.





The hidden splines..





Knocked out with a hammer and drift.





All that work for this little bit of steel slid on the gearbox shaft!





2 minutes ago, Stormin said:

Neat! :)


Thanks mate :thumbs:



Time to think about mounting this large lump of 90'd drive!





This 10mm thick steel plate  should be strong enough :D





Lot's of lathe and drill action later... (all the action coming up in the next video).







Bolted on..








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It was at this point I started to have a few of those "Groundhog day" sort of moments!


Having worked out how to make a shaft that fit's over the gearbox splines, has a bearing at the other end and also has a sproket in the middle, I proceeded to make a mess of things 3 times!


Attempt 1...  Having just checked the bearing fit I forgot to tighten the tailstock back up for the final cut! The result was some nice deep gouges!   (not seen in this pic as I trimmed some more off to check which tools cut best)





Attempt 2... Counted twice what I should of done and took too much metal off making the bearing a loose fit!





Attempt 3!!!    All was going well until I broke a small drill bit off about 1/2 inch in!!   No way of getting it out!





Attempt 4... In it's raw state :lol:





And attempt 4 in it's finished (and correctly sized) state.





Not a perfect finish inside, but the measurements are right.





The splined bit pressure fitted, a nice tight fit.. It will be welded on then the welds and overhang will be tidied up on the lathe.





And finally with the bearing, I still need to buy the sprockets but as they will need boring out to fit the shaft I could get on and make this part..







I have just started making a sleeve to fit over the TB input shaft... Let's hope I only need to make it once :D:lol:

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