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Testing out the forge

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Last year I made a forge out a gas bottle we had laying around, i've made a few little things but nothing of much significance so I thought i'd make some shelf brackets.




Slight cuts were put in them so I could bend them in the same place.








All the components before bending, not bad to say they were done by eye














Above the photo shows them with all the welding complete and a coating of wax.




And the finished thing, the screws will get replaced eventually with black ones.


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22 minutes ago, Stormin said:

Nice work Ewan. One mistake though. Mine! Showed them to swmbo. "You could make me some." :rolleyes:


Thanks :D My mum has already commissioned some, quite a challenge to make without a proper anvil.

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40 minutes ago, Stormin said:

I've got an anvil. May make a forge one day.


The tube going under on yours and the extension lead, make me think there's a fan somewhere.



I keep looking at anvils but they seem to be expensive, yes i've got an air bed pump thats rigged up to it, works well in my opinion :)

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