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country life... the joys of

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We are almost two years into our current house and loving the yorkshire dales. We live fairly off grid, only mains electric and rudimentary telephony.


I finally added a water filter to our supply the other month.




and changed the filter after 3 weeks!!!





we've been drinking this stuff :D  god only knows what it does to the insides of pipes, etc.


All has been well for a for weeks until we noticed a very wet spot outside, and the ground is cracked all around.


Cue, starts looking for unknown pipe...




found it!




after lots of bailing water, we find an old 1-1/14" compression joint that has corroded away.IMG_4389.JPG




it was late saturday afternoon, so we had no choice but to borrow a fitting from the sheep feeder up the lane - sorry sheep!


Another maintenance job complete :D





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The joys of country living. In the 80s  two neighbours and I shared a 30+ year old alkathene water main along side our quarter mile track . It would spring a leak every three months or so. Eventually we bit the bullet and laid a new one. 

Wont mention the shared septic tank.

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